Saturday, July 07, 2012

11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions:

  • Canoe building, and change in our notifications to phone call rather than email [and I hear his whole business plan]
  • Book 2 of Fifty Shades [30-something holds, so she'll wait for her daughter to finish her copy and get it from her]
  • One of the internet stations wasn't printing earlier, so I rebooted it when I came out here--it's working now so I email our IT guy back to stand down on it :-)
  • [I log the call from Librarian M, on vacation, for the phone number for a vacation site they just decided to see today, so she can call ahead for tickets--lol]
  • This season's pet Mormons are here today, reading, reading reading...with headphones on...wonder what they're listening to...
  • ...and one must've known I was talking about him, because he just came over with money to print
  • YA summer reading prizes
  • Local weekly paper
  • Lost datebook? Yep, right here, wondered who it belonged to
  • [phone] Run the Wild Fields [we don't own, nor does anyone else in our consortium, so I'll be ILLing it...]

  • Cell phone charger cable [just like hotels, we have lots of "left-behinds" and I eventually find the right kind of mini-USB]
  • At some point the local paper comes back
  • Cleaning guy comes by and stops to chat about the heat...sigh...
  • Our usual p0rn viewer's card is blocked again [I suggest he smoke for a longer time (outside) to which he replies, "It's TOO HOT!" lol Lucky guess on my part]
  • Two guest Internet passes
  • Charger cable--dude brings over his 'old phone' chargers for us to hand out
  • Do people seriously not think they should log out of something when they leave? It astounds me how many people log out of their email....and then just get up and leave the building without logging off of SAM
  • Librarian T arrives to take over, but I'm due to stay another 10 minutes
  • Holocaust and ADHD in adults [what a goofy, snooty woman]
  • Renew the guests' internet time


  1. Not a fan of those f!fty shad#s.

    I presume you've received the new address, but just in case, I'll be emailing the change in our catalog's link to you. Clear the cache first or you won't be able to login to place holds! (Oh, my brilliant consortium.)

  2. I have not, and we aren't cleared for holds-placement yet, officially.

    Not a fan. I missed reporting that the snooty woman--whose preschool son speaks two languages and can write his name just fine, thus proving our 5-year-old age limit on cards to be stupid ((eyeroll))--also asked for 50 Shades and a book written by a Holocaust survivor. Then she wanted to know if we had anything on Adult Girl ADHD (??) and any other books about the Holocaust.

    No. Sorry. We're clean out of book on World War II, and which do you want re ADHD: girls or adults?? Fucktard.


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