Wednesday, July 18, 2012

12 - 1 ; 3 - 4 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: the new Changes to Subjects list is out from LC, so I'm plowing through those...

12:00 in the children's room
  • Very Loud Mom shouting and laughing...oh, goodie, now there are two of them. The first mom's daughter is named "Moxie" [for Pete's sake, people...sigh]
  • Summer program prizes
  • "I haven't been in a library since there were cards..." [I show her the catalog and we find Anne of Green Gables for her to read to her kids]
  • Dora books [almost all checked out] ; and DVDs in Spanish [our Dora DVD's don't have a Spanish track, just French?? Wow, dumb much?]
  • chanting under my breath "Please go please go please GO" to the noisy moms
  • Still able to vote on any of the Summer Reading contests [just one] ; mom comes back to say that her daughter's has parts missing from it: a doll, some handmade earrings, and doll plates... [I really HATE people!!]
  • Summer reading Big Prize

  • Crazy woman asks me if I'm pregnant [no], then asks for Tony Evans Book of Illustrations, Uncle Remus tales, and anything written by Alfred Hitchcock [fortunately, the last two are in the kids' room--buh-bye!--and I'll order the Tony Evans thing]
  • YA summer reading prizes
  • Fax
  • YA summer reading prizes
  • Pay to print
  • [phone] Reserve new James Patterson book
  • Text from husband asking to check his flight and gate [totally counts as a reference question!!]
  • Text from son asking if he needs to preheat the oven for dinner [also a reference question, and no]
  • LONG call from Librarian J about
  • "How do I reserve a study room?" [uhm, walk in?]
  • New YA reading log
  • Loud summer YA readers

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