Monday, July 23, 2012

2 - 3 ; 5 - 7 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions:  GUESS!! Subject headings of course.

  • Librarian C warns me about the crank on #6--surprise, it's the woman who needed a receipt last week...sigh
  • Pay to print
  • Pay to print...and tissues [we commiserate about allergies]
  • Nearby library cardholder need to use our internet; I enter her into SAM
  • Dude needs a mouse [I guess we now loan those too...what don't we loan??]
  • And the woman who asked if I was pregnant last week is back as well...
  • Another from last week: needs extra time online [at this point, I don't even care about rules--have more time, you're one of the normal ones!]
  • And crazy-preggo is back asking about two books she "saw last time back here in nonfiction and should've picked up but...blah blah blah..." [one ends up being a elementary-school age novel, and the other I can't find in the catalog: Cats in pictures, or movies, or, ...on film. I take her to the cat books and turn her loose after issuing instructions to go in the children's room for the other book]
  • Custodial guy: "It's HOT out!!!" [yuppers, good day to work inside: it's 94 degrees out with 65% humidity]
  • Extra-time person: pay to print
  • Receipt woman starts haranguing me about printing and so forth
  • Consumer Reports on lumbar-support chairs [nada, but we find something in one of our online databases that I print out, and show him how to do more searching at home]
  • Pencil and paper
  • Receipt woman left--hurrah hurrah!

  • Giggling kids about 25 feet from me [great--go in the children's room with them, grandpa!]
  • Pencil and scratch paper [18 inches from your nose, hello!]
  • Fax ["This is a beautiful library..."]
  • "Someone left this at the printer" [Winesburg, Ohio?? <--(that edition) ok then]
  • Librarian T calls to warn me that EE is here. She's a complete mental case, mostly a pain in the neck, but hard to get detached once she starts talking to you.
  • Ethernet cable [his usual one, the yellow one, isn't here ... ooooh, noooz!]
  • "What's today's date?" [14-year-old reading Econ for Dummies for his grandfather; he still has two weeks left to finish]
  • Did I mention the gigglers are still here? One has a tail about 4 inches wide [he's, maybe, 6]
  • [phone] Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (book) [yes we have it, and I put in on the hold shelf for her]
  • Yesterday and today's want ads
  • Fax [she literally has to scrounge from her child for the $3--not enough to use her debit card, and she doesn't have a library card...sigh]
  • Police walkthrough [? or some guy in full security guard gear--I didn't really get a clear look]
  • YA prize pickup

  • Hmm, gigglers have left, but grandpa is still here...should I worry?
  • Want ads are back
  • The ...Wounded Knee lady is here, but her book is on the hold shelf; anyway, while she's here she goes through the job folder, to no avail
  • Pay to print...and he's the guy that left Winesburg, Ohio behind earlier...he's happy to rediscover it
  • "Good books" [the YA prizewinner...she reads a LOT...and I come up with three suggestions for her...eep]
  • Sherlock Holmes, for EE who is chatty, but not out of control like sometimes [and of course we have it]
  • Modern Marvels [yeah, the DVDs have all been shifted so I have no idea where stuff is either, but we eventually find them...ok, he eventually finds them. lol]
  • And Librarian T arrives at 6:30 to rescue me :-)

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