Tuesday, July 24, 2012

6 - 9 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions:

  • Corrections officer test, and the ASVAB [ nice-looking guy, wearing a Marines sports T, here with his ?sister? 
  • Pencil, for tutor and student; she's learning to use the catalog [ok, the tutor is a bit of a pain, but MAD propz to her for doing this for her ESL student!]
  • Stapler
  • Jobs folder
  • Our Mormons arrive--in their uniforms today :)
  • Pay to print
  • Reset time for one of our regulars
  • The Lost Boy (Pelzer) [yup we have 4 copies on the shelf for a change!]
  • Readalikes for someone who has read all the non-mystery J. Patterson, all Danielle Steel, all Nicholas Sparks...[I suggest R. P. Evans--this is someone from circ asking for a patron who didn't want to walk "all the way" back here...]
  • Smallville Season Two [ours is checked out; hold placed]

  • Stapler jams, and in the process of trying to unjam it, I slice open my finger. At least it's my LEFT finger...and at least we actually have bandaids
  • "I'm here to pick up my Summer Reading Prize!" [uhm, yeah...where are they? I end up having to call Librarian M to ask where she hid them: "Oh, crap, I forgot to send the email out to everyone!"]
  • Pay to print [the stapler dude] ; and more stapling, which works this time (new stapler)
  • Trusts and estate planning
  • "How to talk so kids will listen..." [we no longer have a copy...]
  • [circ desk] "If someone has a [nearby city] library card, can they use our databases and ebooks?" [nope, they have to use their home library]
  • Spy Kids films [in the kids' room, and dude--have you heard of toothbrushes, cuz it looks to me like you have NOT---guuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhrossss]

  • Long complicated question about a Harlequin series, which we really don't buy much of, and then it turns out she's the person with a  [nearby city] library card so I can't get anything for her anywhere else
  • [phone] Two brand-new horror films [I do order requests for them] 
  • [phone] Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box on CD [we don't have, but I place hold]
  • New Abs Diet for Women [place hold; we don't own]
  • [request in box at circ for new Lorien Legacies series book--do order request for it]
  • [closing announcement done...as well as a lot of the closing routine]
  • And I'm outta here!!

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