Monday, July 30, 2012

12 - 2 ; 5 - 6 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: reviews

  • Pay to print x 2 [one of them is a new LDS volunteer...whee]
  • Road atlas, not to check out
  • Returned pencil
  • Local weekly [he's seen it already, nevermind] and yesterday's paper and help making a color copy of an article [did it on the staff copier so I wouldn't end up spending $3]
  • Pay to print [usually-cranky dude, seems less so today]
  • Ethernet cable [yup]
  • The annoying woman needs help but asks nicely [and all it was was that her doc wouldn't save to her flashdrive--which it did when I came and stared and the computer]
  • Circ supervisor/Schedule person comes out and says that she didn't get ANY of the email replies about filling in Sundays through the I forward them to her again (even though she's on the reply list the first time around--weird)
  • James Patterson audiobooks for a reciprocal borrower [we don't have the ones she wants, and neither does her home library; she'll have to ILL them from there though]
  • Mr. Ick looking for a pencil, then sharpening the one he selected
  • Pencil

  • Oh, that's right: I'm proctoring an exam for one of the girls in my son's class at school...weird...
  • ILL person asking if she can use "my" green cart to unload delivery onto, since it's empty (for a change) [of course]
  • New Internet user... [I go through the whole drill with him]
  • Help with Kindle [and I call for help since suddenly there are FOUR PEOPLE here needing help! One is the new Internet user needing to print, one is a book or something else, and then a guy comes up needing to fax : Librarian C takes care of all of them and goes back into the kids' room]
  • ...while I help a woman looking for a specific book on being a stylish mom [I guess we'll have to buy it--no other libraries own it yet]
  • Scratch paper
  • Pencil
  • Pay to print
  • Help with printing
  • "Is there another quiet room?" [I send him upstairs to talk on the phone, since our study rooms are in use...but, why not go outside?]
  • Pages stop to chat. I'm totally going to miss them next month... {sad face}

5:00 in the children's room
  • You can totally tell which moms just came from the pool...same outfit on everyone: massive sundress, pulled up hair, and flipflops
  • Books for preschoolers [ok, some moms-fresh-from-the-pool are in shorts and giant sleeveless shirts]
  • Guinness Record [the current one is in the adult area]
  • Games computer? [next set of stations--these are just internet]
  • Hunger Games for children [uhm, it IS for children...?]
  • Ariel movies [checked out, now on hold for her]
  • "So nice and cool in here..." [come on back--we're always]
  • Bathroom key...and returned
  • Betta fish

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