Monday, July 16, 2012

11 a.m. - 12 p.m. ; 1 - 2 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: my favorite: subject-heading checking...

11:00 in the children's room
  • When I left Friday, I was only on-desk at 1. Of course, today I was late because I had to get the [distance] bookdrop emptied, and the schedule was changed so I'm on the desk as soon as I get here.  SO ... BLOODY ... ANNOYING
  • Summer reading prizes
  • ...and look the desk is clean: all the labels, stacks of handouts, and prize jars are done. Yay!
  • No, no log=no prizes [yes, I am the big meanie today]
  • ...bathroom key now... [the joys of potty training]
  • Key back [success!!]
  • Summer reading prizes
  • Shark Tale movie [one is out, one is MIA, so I place a hold for it from somewhere else]
  • Baseboard unit has lost its front--note to custodial dude
  • Skipping is clearly the new black...
  • We have pouting and sulking and that nasty whingey sound  [so glad I'm past that] ; I think Mom caved in, but I'm leaving now so....

  • Our pet Mormons are here today...out of uniform, which is quite startling
  • YA reading club
  • Reset public internet that someone sent back to the Microsoft login page...sigh
  • I hear a tambourine...guess the kids' program is going on downstairs
  • [phone] "I'm calling about doing a reading, you're [Librarian B], right?" [nope, but I'll transfer you to her]
  • [phone] Regular patron asking for two CDs by Red Sovine and the DVD from last Sunday's WWE show [really? OK, I'm asking someone about this--we do a lot of extras for her, but last Sunday's...?]
  • One of our "Old Favorite", patrons is back but SAM won't let him online. I call his new library to make sure he's in good standing with them, and get him sorted
  • Fax
  • My usual guy who goes out for a smoke can't get back online [if it weren't ludicrous, I'd think he was having me on, doing this just to chat me up]
  • "Where's the guy who usually sits here?" [uhm, well, the only guy who sits here is on vacation this]
  • "So I've reached my reading goal--what's my big reward?" [adult--uhm, well, you get to pick another prize out of the same basket you usually pick prizes from...]
  • How to print
  • [I'm still working on the phone requests for CDs--no one around here has a Red Sovine collection at all]
  • I've Been Hacked duded arrives at 1:56...please God don't let him "get hacked in the next 4 minutes!!

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