Monday, September 10, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: cleaning out my "inbox," sorting stuff into recycling/garbage/file piles. That's done by 12:45, and in the process I excavated down to the now-nearly-five-year-old list of BAD MATCHING ERRORS. Wonder how many are left. And then there are the ever-present RSS feeds, which I've been ignoring for weeks....

  • Kleenex? [nope, we're still out back here--I go snag a couple boxes
  • "Where did my boarding pass go?" [other window under the one she's got up ; and she needs help printing of course]
  • Pay to print x 2
  • Questions about how to print--smart questions [God, how I adore smart questions]
  • Confusion over new guest pass for one of the Mormons; eventually I work out that her name is spelled wrong and she just needed more time, not a new number
  • Help saving to thumb drive
  • Kleenex lady stops back for a handful
  • Reserve two Eric Blehm books
  • Help with printing
  • Wireless down?
  • FOL Booksale volunteer brings out 3 possible additions. Yes, we'll have them all.
  • Pay to print
  • Long rambling discussion of games on the internet stations...[none downloaded, gotta go online to get to 'em, he doesn't want to...blah blah]
  • Kleenex lady returns--she must have some SERIOUS allergies!
  • Reset patron time

  • Kleenex lady returns--she must have some SERIOUS allergies!
  • Reset patron time
  • Problems with printing (thumb drive guy)
  • Problems with saving (ok, it's a theme--same problem as thumb drive guy)
  • Pay to print
  • Downloading onto Kindle
  • C++ programming, and/or computer game programming
  • Italian Rosetta stone
  • Pay to print

4:00 in the children's room
  • Newbery winner [Neil Gaiman FTW!]
  • Bathroom key (for middle-school parochial girls to change]
  • Kid's card is inactive even though he's renewed it
  • Yes, your password can be blank, though we don't recommend it...
  • Inactive kid still having trouble--I go over and work him through it, while watching a toddler stand on a chair 3 feet from her oblivious father
  • Help with inactive card kid--who is super-sweet, thank God--with his powerpoint, saved from school online...kinda cool thing there
  • Plains Indians, like shelters and stuff

5:00 in the children's room
  • Oh, no! We have an Awful Library Book in our collection! Well, say goodbye to that one! [keep in mind that I'm over a week behind on reading that blog...]
  • Bathroom key
  • Renew time on SAM
  • At some point, both bathroom keys are returned--apparently someone else gave out the second one while I was in outer space
  • Inactive kid has finished his power point and now it won't save [we try everything and eventually get it saved as a PDF, but can't figure out why PPT won't work...sigh]
  • ...freakin' Spanish folk tales assignment...we're totally out of elementary level books...I end up writing a note to the teacher for the kid
  • No clue how to register people for the Dia del los Muertos program...I send them to Reference

In case you haven't noticed, my hours on-desk have jumped a bit lately. We are short-staffed (down 2 professional staff) and also the librarian with the most accrued vacation time is burning through her days off. Hence, more time in public for me. Yay. ← sarcasm

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