Wednesday, September 26, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: if I wasn't chicken-hearted, I would SO be at Librarian J's house right now beating her with a lead pipe for taking the day off because her cat is sick when we are at less than half-staff all week with one sickie librarian and one injured librarian (both here today so far), and one vacationing librarian--and at least one other other librarian not feeling 100%. Not to mention the vacations and sickies at the circ desk! 

12:00 in the children's room in adult area after we rearrange things (see below)
  • Sent the sickie home and told her NOT to come back tonight--I will
  • After consulting with Librarian B, I will cover Ref now while she deals with a time-sensitive project for Head of Circ (who is on vacation), then I'll go home and come back at 6 and work till 9
  • Strange guy who says I helped him out with something yesterday [could be, though he doesn't look at all familiar] wanders by, stops to chat randomly, and then goes and gets online [whatever]
  • Pay to print, and help with printing
  • Internet books [eventually, books about blogging and facebook etc.]
  • Pay to print
  • No, I need ID to look up your card number, sorry
  • Card expired, I renew it thru tomorrow so she can use the internet
  • Catalog not working [well, it does if you are patient and vaguely know what you're doing]
  • Scratch paper
  • Resume templates on Word
  • Specific song off the Obsessed soundtrack, sung by a guy, can't remember name or title [and when I finally FIND a list of the songs, none of them look right or ring a bell for him--he'll ask his girlfriend and get back to us]



6:00 in the children's room
  • Not a huge fan of split shifts, but here I am again, now feeling a little GI-unsettled myself
  • Labradors on the Lawn [we don't own it, so I reserve it from another library and show her where some of the rest of the series that we DO own are {--grammar-death, victim of this day
  • Our local group home of developmentally-delayed adults arrives for their weekly library outing:

  • One has a callous on his foot
  • One needs books on racecars
  • Bathroom key
  • One found the LIW books on her own and needs hand sanitizer
  • One guy has not stopped staring in this direction for 10 minutes--I think he's frozen
  • The callous guy is trying to distract the staring guy
  • LONG conversation with The Train Guy, whom I remember from years ago when I worked the night these guys came; he's very concerned about why Librarian M isn't here
  • Bathroom key is someone else...?
  • ...15 minutes later, one caretaker is looking for the other one (who returned the key) as they are MIA
  • Now the OTHER caretaker is here, and the first one is gone! UGH
  • Look up password [she's my oldest niece's age and has a daughter my son's age, omg]
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid : The Third Wheel [not here yet...SOOON!...I reserve a copy for him]
  • Coloring paper and crayons
  • Wimpy Kid kid looking for Frankie Pickle books [turns out they're too easy, but I find a brand-new Choose Your Own Adventure-style book and he agrees to give it a whirl]

  • Printer in the children's room not printing, so I print her Word doc here...
  • Mapquest directions to new doctor's office, and back
  • I walk through the adult area and do the chair-pushing in, book-picking up thing [how does a chair get from one side of the nonfiction stacks across to the far side of the reference area??]
  • Librarian T does closing announcement
  • Pay to print, and a comment about something someone else left sitting here at the desk
  • Librarian T tells me to "knock those two off" the internet [why--they shut down automatically at 5 till...?]
  • Last minute question that turns into a nightmare....arrived at 8:55, not sure what books she wants, card is expired so placing holds is more complicated, and when I check to see what's going on ("I think I might have fines...") it turns out she owes almost $180! And "I haven't lived at that address in years!!" (Duh, honey: your card expired in 2009) Holy shit what a clusterfuck.


  1. Her cat was sick? You know I love cats, but, come on.

  2. Actually, her cat went to the vet on Tuesday and died on Thursday. J was gone on Weds and Friday. Wednesday I would bet she made herself too sick to work by panicking about Muffy (I kid you not).

    Thank God they don't let us carry large sticks....


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