Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: loads of things....whatever I can find to fill the time

  • Right off the bat, Reference Desk #2 computer is borked. Since that's the one I almost always sit at, I feel completely weird out here
  • Fax
  • Another library in consortium looking for item that's been on hold forever....I hate the people at this library!
  • State H.S. football outlook printout
  • Pay to print

  • {{{crickets}}}
  • Look up SAM number
  • [internal call] Foil-backed labels or not? Uhm, yeeessss, I think?
  • Pay to print

12:00 in the children's room
  • There's a frog noisemaker inside one of the puzzles near the desk in here that seems to be motion activated; so far it has croaked at two staff members
  • Patron brings in list of 7 or 8 books on food chains and animals--I find every one of them! This is...unusual
  • No one got out a reference tally sheet this morning...oops
  • The waiting list computer just booped to let the person waiting that they've been assigned a computer. one has registered to be assigned and there are 10 vacant computers in this zone. WTF?! I'm starting to get paranoid about stuff today: too much weirdness!!
  • Librarian M comes in prepped to do storytime...says "shit! I forgot..." under her breath [this is rare enough to warrant comment, believe me]
  • "Where is the storytime?" [in the story room--must be her first time]
  • [phone] Register for photo organizing program [I should come to that!]

3:00 in the children's room
  • Internet guest pass [the printer here doesn't work...and duh, once I think it through, I realize she can't get online without a parent's permission anyway]
  • Kid asks me to look up his card #; just about the time I get it, his mom arrives to take him home
  • WHY did my two book orders from this morning cancel everything in the carts?? WTF?! This day is really strange [oh, well, it's because I used the AV account--which is odd since I didn't think we were supposed to use that anymore, so why did it default to that? Anyway, orders are now in]
  • Quite a few people in here, but not many needed assistance....

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