Wednesday, September 05, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: I'm so caught up on cataloging that I'm rewarding myself with checking Dead Deweys. Also did a kids' Spanish order for the woman who does all the Spanish storytimes; except two of the books she wants are OP.

9:00 in the children's room
  • I'm late, but thankfully someone else got the computers all going for me
  • "Where's the spider puppet?" [no clue, sorry--who gets this manic about a freakin' puppet?]
  • 9:45 the second non-staff person appears
  • [phone] Shelf-check for a patron at a library outside our system (and less than 20 minutes away...]

  • Scratch paper
  • "Something's wrong with my headphones--I've got the volume up and can only hear faintly" [hmm, as I get 10 feet from the computer I can hear stuff coming out...oh, only one side is working and he's deaf in one ear. Genius]
  • Doofus looking for John Wayne movies is back: wants Chisholm, El Dorado, and The Flying Leathernecks [I find one in the system and will ILL the rest. Or not. Depends on what the ILL Librarian says (she says forget it)]
  • Stapler
  • Chat with the guy who always tells me a joke on the way out--super-nice guy
  • Holy cats: I haven't seen TMWSAMIT in here in at least a year! Damnit! Why is he back!?
  • Pencil/paper [people who stand here and write notes kind of freak me out]
  • Dude on his motorized chair arrives, zipping down the reference section at dangerously high speed (hah)
  • Young woman and her mom sitting over the younger one's laptop--suddenly spring up, with the younger woman muttering angrily at her mom, and continues haranguing, quietly, all the way out the door [wtf? you talk to your mom that way? duuuuude!]
  • Local want ads [deaf guy]
  • Pay to print, and a list of politicians, state & federal [ooh, I hope our template is complete and current!!]
  • Want ads are back
  • Pencil, plus "how ya doin?" [surprising how few people say anything when they come over here]
  • Oh, a NEW set of Mormons, one of whom needs a guest pass [all set, except I had to do it twice because some dipwad on staff forgot to mark that s/he used the last blank number in the book :<)
  • And of course it doesn't work...because they never do when I enter people...stupid SAM! [finally got it going]

  • Someone logged out of Windows, so I successfully find the login in our notebook full of logins
  • SERIOUSLY?! ANSWER YOUR F$(%&$%&ING PHONE OR TURN TO VOLUME DOWN! Don't just sit there and let it ring! Asshat!
  • Help with printing
  • Do we have a wireless signal? [uhm yeah]
  • Stapler [printing dude]
  • Pay to print [and no, you still have to put money in to make photocopies--no account for that. Yet]
  • Pay to print, and a little help with the printer
  • Guinness book of records to check out [current is reference only, and 2011 is 'too old' for the kid]
  • China Study [on hold]
  • It occurs to me that I had a couple other people ask for specific books, but I can't remember what they were--I placed the holds and forgot about 'em....
  • ...and life went crazy at the end....

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