Tuesday, September 11, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: death dates list

  • Pay to print
  • Renew time for newbie who doesn't know she needs more time
  • Directions to an address on B-field Road
  • Renew time
  • Ethernet cable guy needs ethernet cable ;-) + how much to fax?
  • Help with JobHat [man, those annoying come-ons at the end are annoying!]
  • Try to sight up JobHat woman for internet and job-hunting classes, but she has to work when all but one are scheduled [sigh]
  • Fax [ethernet guy]

  • Printer is streaking pages, time to change the toner cartridge...which turns into a 20-minute debacle involving toner spiillage, Clorox wipes, cartridges mislabeled and eventual success
  • Help with verifying phone number online
  • Pay to print, and do we take credit cards
  • Guest pass...nevermind, I look up her number, she pays small fine, and put money on her account
  • Can I print from wireless [previous print guy--uh, no]
  • Phone number guy, who is actually amusing in a weird way, needs more help because he wants to win a million dollars off the text he got from MyWMart...blah blah, but he can't operate the computer to get it to work [uh, dood, might be the site, not you]
  • [phone] "What movies do I have on hold?" [I tell her and she seems less than thrilled]
  • Research for two different term papers [EBSCO tutorial--and yay, she sort of knows what she's doing]
  • Spell check in email--how to turn it on
  • Pencils [golf pencils ARE pencils]
  • Internet newbie is confused

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