Monday, September 24, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: I have about a gazillion RSS updates I have been ignoring for a month...time to clean that pony up and make it rideable again. Also, subject headings...zzzz

  • Immediately, new guest SAM user, which somehow gets snarled. I end up deleting and reentering him and it finally works
  • Bang bang bang goes the mouse-finger on Reference #6...yes, it's quiet enough that this is what I'm hearing
  • Man walks past, doubles back and then double-takes when I say, "Hi there!" in greeting. What can I do for him? "Just wanted to say thank you and tell you, again, how incredible this library is." [wow, I've never seen him before, but gee it's nice to hear that!]
  • Today's classifieds
  • ValueLine (and other mail) arrives so I go put that out; I'll miss that when they stop the paper edition
  • Scratch paper, and can she use a study room to make a quick call [sure, Pet Mormon, sure]
  • Classifieds are back
  • Refresh time for the mad clicker
  • Return of "pencil" (looks like a pen to me) borrowed before I was here
  • Pay to print
  • Guest SAM guy leaves...very polite, and yet...I'm a little weirded out by him

  • Help attaching a document in YahooMail, the Spanish template
  • Ethernet cable for a different cable guy
  • [meanwhile phone is ringing off the hook]
  • Reserve "Relidj-yoolous" [Well, it's actually "Religulous" and it's here--and OMG, "You have movies on THIS side of the shelves too? Documentaries are my thing!"]
  • I love my Chucks
  • Help printing/Pay to print
  • [phone] "Can I get an absentee ballot from you?" [Nope, the County Court Clerk at the Courthouse. Then he argues that "The County Center" isn't a courthouse. Uhm, yeah, there are courts there.... But no we don't do voting, just registration. He has the "County Building's" number memorized...hmmm. (And yes it is a courthouse, goddammit (in my head))]
  • "Thank you" from Yahoo lady
  • Regular Ethernet Dude arrives for 'his' cable
  • Resumes...and the History of Art
  • How to get online....thankfully, it was a bloop, the connection works fine
  • One day, I'm going to keep a tally of how many times I say hello to people and how many times people say hi to me (as in, how many people just walk by and say hi)
  • How to print part of an email
  • Bone series (Jeff Smith) volume 9 for a kid, and "maff test buuks" [Bone is no problem, but the "maff testink buuks" for 5th grade? No. School library, and the kids textbook are your go-tos there]
  • Slightly odd woman (a.k.a Mouse-Basher, above) comes over and whispers, "Have a good day!" on her way out. Then goes and pushes in several chairs and leaves.
  • Our volunteer magazine shelver comes up and asks if "an older woman" just came and asked for help finding an obit [no]; now she's panicking and wildly looking for her so she can get my help [sigh...thanks Volunteer]
  • ...and Vol. finds her in the bookstore and reports back to me; I guess this is known as being forewarned?
  • Guest SAM user (see above) returns--"Can I sign on again?" [sure, and sadly, I even remember his pass number]
  • I have a bad feeling about the next ten minutes--like I could get trapped here after my shift ends at 3
  • Scratch paper
  • Guest User leaves again, and says goodbye again
  • Somewhat off-the-wall woman needs scratch paper to write down a soup recipes...and I'm regaled with a (short) soup dissertation before she leaves again
  • High-school-hoodie-wearing kid needs the stapler [nice kid, but...why not in school??]

4:00 in the children's room
  • Kleenex [none in here, so I steal the circ desk's box]
  • Key for "girl's bathroom"; and some help using it
  • Bathroom key
  • One key is back
  • Where's the restroom? [I send her to the adult area, as she is {ahem} an adult (without child)]
  • Other key is back
  • Bathroom key [yes, these are all different people]
  • "I'm leaving for coffee, will be right back. Boyfriend's in Reference if my kids need anything" [she is here every day and her kids are self-sufficient tweeners who behave so I'm not overly fussed]
  • Bathroom key is back
  • Pencil for homework [we're down to golf pencils so I send her to the Adult desk]; she comes back in a couple minutes: "Where's the adult desk?" [oops--I walk her over]
  • Husband calls to ask for my Gmail password so he can sync my new smartphone at the Sprint store
  • ...and calls back because it didn't work [seriously, I have to type it up to get it right!]
  • Battle of the Books list for West... School
  • Coffee mom is back
  • BoB list is returned; she found a book
  • Bathroom key (2 girls, sharing)
  • ...and back (giggling)
  • DVD movies? [her eyes get huge when I point to the wall-o-movies in here]
  • [phone] Renew books

5:00 in the children's room
  • My new phone is here....yay!!
  • 13 by Lauren Myracle [we don't own and she doesn't want to reserve]
  • How to print
  • Holes and The Outsiders on DVD [we don't have Holes, but I put them both on hold since our Outsiders is checked out]
  • Good Dog, Carl [our copy is not where it belongs :-( ... but it turns out to be on the hold shelf for her :-)]
  • Do backpacks count as one item? [yes]
  • Can't get online [I delete his temporary number and move the money from it to his actual card, delete his password...and hopefully it'll work]
  • Ethernet Guy comes by
  • Refill paper tray

6:00 because Librarian K went home early with pain from his stitches--he 'tried' to cut off a finger yesterday or something
  • Family with kids who need to do homework but all cards are blocked because they all owe money; after totaling it up ($160+) I go ahead and give them passes for today, but warn them that this is the ONLY time we can do that until they talk to Head of Circ and work out a payment plan
  • Help with printing x 2
  • AP US History test books...he's Irish, and taking the CLEP but AP test are close enough for studying [nothing here, but at the next city over there is something]
  • Proctor a test (on World History) for home-schooled high school kid [how freaky that I'd get these two questions together]
  • Pay to print
  • How to spell "versteht" 

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