Thursday, September 06, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: whatever I can find to do: checking new materials in the catalog, Dead Deweys....whatever it takes

10:00 in the children's room
  • Ten minutes late due to running around checking Tech Service for stuff in processing
  • "Can anyone use that room?" asks a dad pointing at the door to the craft/storytime room [uh, no--but THANK YOU for asking first!]
  • Same guy, as he's leaving, drops off the Community College catalog he's done with "for someone else to use"

11:00 in the children's room
  • 45 minutes and several families in and out, but no need for me to be here otherwise
  • ...and half an hour after that (11:45) I am alone in here; another five minutes and I'm calling it safe to leave

  • Look up password
  • Darkest Hour on DVD [ours is checked out]
  • [phone] OCLC calls to tell me they can't figure out why two records refuse to export into our catalog ; since I'm here, I can't really get into it with the tech, though, so I'll play around again tomorrow
  • Constitution. The most current one [lol--for GED (or INS?) test]
  • May have to go apply some Quiet Down in one of the study rooms, and also in a corner where there are 3-4 kids grouped around an internet station...which is directly in my line of vision beyond this monitor 
  • No, two of the kids in the study room just I can see that there are two three MORE kids who were sitting on the floor. WTF is going on??
  • Fax
  • Dude walks across the reference area in the lowest possible gear; every step makes me think he's going to fall (literally) asleep before he gets where he's going... 
  • One very mentally ill--and perhaps seriously physically ill--woman asking about GED books, and tells me her life story: kidney problems, husband in jail, kids (??somewhere), "none of this" is her fault, didn't take all her pills this morning, a friend's coming to get her and maybe take her to the, I'm worried she's going to walk outside and get hit by a car
  • Scratch paper & pencil
  • Help with copier
  • Kids' room needs help finding realistic fiction [I hate these assignments--and this kid is a non-talker to boot, but I send him home with Frindle]

  • Media card reader 
  • [phone] Two messages left at some point this afternoon: Postmortem is checked out so I call and tell her...blah blah blah...and the other is for the audiobook of The Shack, which we have and when I call I think he's thrilled [why is everyone behaving like they're stoned today?]
  • While I'm doing that, someone starts asking about how much we charge for faxing ($1/page) and can't believe it's so much, "you can overnight stuff for less!", and it doesn't cost us anything after all... [uhm paper/ink (for the confirmation page), and MY TIME?? --but I say none of this]
  • Slipknot CD [yuppers]
  • Fax [ironically, she arrives in the middle of me typing up my rant above]
  • Cute little girl gets ejected by her dad from a computer station because she's too young and just banging around ["but I want to twy it!!"]
  • More shushing, different kids
  • Holy-moley, all the internets are in use! Weird
  • After some eyeballing and careful listening I determine that yes, I can hear what the guy 25 yards from me is listening to in his headphones...holy hard-of-hearing, dude!
  • Pay for printing [and I check the paper level in the printer...and refill it]
  • Problem with security crap that someone downloaded on a computer [I move the patron to another computer, shut the problem one down, restart it, and it's all good]
  • "My internet log in expired?" [they do that, so I renew]
  • Pay to print 
  • Wrong edition of a book arrived in ILL--I cancel it and reorder the correct edition
  • "Can I use the study room?" [yup, those books are left from the slobs in there before]
  • ...and I'm so out of here!!

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