Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday (end-of-week for me, thank God and not a moment too soon!)

What I'm doing between questions: subjects-a-go-go.

10:00 in the children's room
  • oops, I'm 10 minutes late arriving...but since there's no one except a couple changing a baby's diaper--I think? I have no idea what's going on over there, really because they are all lying on the floor (ick!)--I think all is well
  • Am reeling from the news that our HR person feels that we ought to be expecting--and scheduling--all full-time exempt employees at least 45 hours a week since we're short-staffed (not that we'd get paid for those hours because we are exempt from overtime)
  • Also, a former colleague has raised a major kerfuffle in academic librarian circles this week, and I'm torn between admiring the fact that someone is standing up to journal publishers and wanting to murder her for being a self-serving beeyotch (the latter is by far the usual reaction I have to her shenanigans)
  • Children's dictionary (for grownup)
  • Children's thesaurus is returned (by a child)
  • I think this is the family that is here regularly--this seems to be a supervised (or un-?) visitation thing or something, cuz they are literally just sitting on the floor passing the baby back and interaction, no reading, no toys
  • Forgot my card [I look it up, and have to re-register her in SAM because there's a new number...]
  • "Is the printer in here working today? [I do a test print from my account and YAY! it's working]

11:00 in the children's room
  • OK, it's either supervised visitation or "Baby Has Three Parents Who Don't Really Know What to Do With Her" [they just left]
  • [phone] Out-of-consortium library checking on one of our patrons [all clear]
  • I'm trapped here, a sitting duck in random conversation with the cleaning guy...sigh 

4:00 in the children's room
  • There's a kid with a fauxhawk chasing littler kids around the play area--all of them screaming and shrieking
  • Nope, check out up front [one of the shriekers and parents]
  • Fauxhawk has made a very large gun out of Legos....ahhh, here comes the woman that must be his mom [skanky blonde in fleece with green lowlights in her fake blonde hair and pierced lower lip....yep, it's mom; and eventually they leave, with the kid on full speed]
  • I'm slowly coming to hate that we have puppets in unlocked bags.......
  • The PowerPoint kid is back, and he hasn't checked in with his teacher to figure out how to open his work, so we're still stuck here....
  • Books for preschool kids about clothes [omg--well, at least she has a list to work from]

5:00 in the children's room
  • Headache approacheth....
  • PowerPoint kid needs shortcuts, but we're working through the transfer...slowly
  • Apparently I can't print guest passes in here? Or at circ?
  • [phone] Out-of-consortium library checking on one of our patrons [all clear, and since it's the Head of Circ's husband, I'd lie even if he wasn't]
  • Help with printing
  • Bathroom key [adult bathrooms are through there..."but I'm on a computer back by those" and "those" are children's bathrooms, so the adult ones are through there....]
  • This PPT kid is awfully adorable, in spite of the fauxhawk [must be the day for these]--I help him save  to his thumb drive, and re-up his time too
  • "What does this word mean?" [typically=usually, normally] "Ah, ok"
  • Where's the realistic fiction? [Realistically it's EVERYwhere...sigh]
  • PPT: columns? [found it!]
  • A Child Called It [a.k.a. A Boy Named It...sigh...I write down the call # and send her into the adult area to ask there]

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