Tuesday, September 25, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: checking rural card-user's holds, checking our orders and marking off what has arrived that I missed, and whatever else I can find to kill 6 hours of desk time instead of doing my actually (cataloging) job! grrr

  • Clark Gable movies [doing a Shakespeare play and resetting it in the 30s, so all the actors have to research a specific actor and his/her style for their roles--cool idea]
  • Circuit breaker form [and of COURSE the printer jams!]
  • Do we have PPoint on the computers [he can't see the icon, so I show him]
  • [phone] Updated card, password didn't transfer [all fixed now]
  • Reserve a few Nora Roberts books for patron
  • Pay to print
  • How much is left "on here" [hands me his card--$8.75 because I know without asking what he's talking about, and God forbid I engage in conversation...]

3:00 in the kids' room

  • Register to use internet [which, of course, doesn't work--but I think I've found out the rule for entering them, finally]
  • Pencil [still not much here]
  • Mom + 2 9-ish-year-old kids comes in, walk toward the "American Girl Dolls books"--they stop, mom mutters something to one of them, and they stalk back out [hmmm]
  • Bathroom key, for a grownup, which I don't register till he's gone
  • Key is back
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid books [he's so excited to see the one he wanted!]
  • Same kid wants How to Train a Dragon [and he's thrilled to discover they are a series!!]
  • Can a dad park his stroller by the desk while he wanders with his kid? [sure] Where are the Very Small Kids' books? [right over there]
  • Bathroom key
  • Wimpy Kid movies [ours are checked out so I place holds for him]
  • Where to put books we don't want after all? [my hands...]
  • Movies [from the Very Small Kids' guy]

4:00 in the kids' room
  • Books "folkloricos" [stupid me--the only thing with that word I know is a dance troupe--it's the folktales assignment for dual language, duh]
  • "WALK!" and "Slow down!" to one of our regular (cute) kids
  • Rules by Cynthia Lord [here, got it]
  • The circuit breaker dude from this morning is back [he told me earlier he'd just gotten out of the hospital last week, so I expect he's doing his laps to get back in shape]
  • Author of The Magic Thief [yes, and it's even on the shelf]
  • Questions from Librarian M about a new online subscription
  • Bathroom key (and apparently too late, as the little girl comes to tell us she pooped in her pants)
  • Books for Asperger's 5th grader

  • Stapler
  • Refill printer paper
  • Look up passwords for two kids
  • Computer #5 in the kids room isn't working so I'm chasing that down too
  • Something I can't remember in there too
  • Pay to print x2 (the lost pw kids)
  • Pay to print
  • Problem with overdue--we don't know what library the book she lost is from, so we don't know how to do the check
  • Reserve an Atkins diet book

  • Pay to print [she rattles off her number to me on her way to the printers...]
  • Unused scratch paper returned
  • Early- to mid-20th-century American art. Oh, and impressionism too [off we go to see what I can scare up]
  • [phone] Supposedly there's a call, but when I answer it, they've hung up
  • Ah but there is a message, which involves ordering a book from another library, but I can't do it for him since he hasn't got a full-use card...blah blah blah [he'll come in and pay the extra so we can ILL it for him]
  • Study room? [pick one and take it over!]
  • [phone] Doom 2 [doesn't exist in IMdB (with that name), sorry]
  • Pay to print x2 [lost pw kids...yes, they are still here!]
  • ...quick walkthru the adult area to see what's up at 7:50...not a hell of a lot I need to worry about....
  • Except the guy on computer 1 who is hyper-sensitive to anyone else talking--he's been spinning around to glare at people periodically the whole time I've been here tonight [GO #*%*ing home!]
  • I do go ask one pair of kids to quiet down a bit--the young man is totally polite and says, "That's on me, I'm really sorry!" Wow. Nice.

  • [phone] Another computer froze in the kids' room; I walk through how to unlock the patron's card so they can use a different computer
  • Ethernet Guy leaves the cable on his way out
  • Pay to print, and then fax...and then she wanders away after I get our credit card site all ready for her [wtf?] AND she stole my pen! grrr
  • Help printing in color
  • Oh nvm, fax woman/family is still here but she's having trouble getting what she needs to fax to print...and I'm having trouble using our credit card site so we're sort of even
  • Closing announcement
  • [phone] Overly Familiar patron needs to reserve Eight Men Out on DVD [done]
  • Meeting rooms and basement doors are checked
  • What time do we open? [9] "You should be open 6 to 10...lol" [not...lol]
  • Stapler...and the computers all shut down YAY


  1. Stroller-parking dad reminds me that in a brand-newly-renovated library that I know of, there is ZERO stroller parking. Now that each of those suckers is the size of an SUV, storytime means no one else in the building moves an inch.

  2. That is...unbelievable. Stroller dad wasn't parking his in a great place but it was more or less out of the way. Who designed...?



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