Sunday, September 16, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: review journals. I have backup today from Librarian B but she's not feeling great so she's mostly in the back, unless a line forms.

  • American Psycho on DVD [here, hurrah]
  • Can people download stuff from YouTube to their iPod? [sure, as long as they know how, cuz I surely do NOT (ok, I could figure it out, if I had to)]
  • Pay to print x 2
  • Christmas section
  • Car repair manuals
  • The YouTube guy is back and hasn't been able to figure out how to do it--I try, but eventually Googling "how to..." is the only answer [now if we could just figure out why his music folder doesn't show up when we open his iPod folders]
  • Ethernet cable for the Ethernet Cable Guy
  • Expired card [front desk]

  • Some of our computers don't have CD drives; of course, all the ones that do are in use, and then the disc doesn't work right when we find one [Walgreen's makes you download software, WTF?], do I get the Belkin disc-reader and we use their camera card to find the pix--whew!--and then I have someone else help them attach the bloody picture to the email they want to send. Holy shit!
  • VHS Nice Older Patron requested is still in the queue; no idea when it will arrive [if it ever does]
  • Heroin Diaries [I place hold for her]
  • Jesse Jackson Jr.'s congressional street address
  • Postmortem by Cornwell [yes it is here]

  • How to print
  • Password for SAM [and she has two cards], and pay to print [and I have to move the money on her old card to her new card], and the new card is expired [so I change exp. date to tomorrow]
  • Renew time
  • [Librarian B does closing announcement]
  • Help with printing x2
  • Ethernet cable returned

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