Saturday, September 01, 2012


Y'know what? I'm not gonna to hours as the post title anymore; seems redundant. 

What I'm doing between questions: end-of-month stuff, plus placing holds on Demand orders (which ends up taking over an hour to do about 30), checking old order-request slips to see if they arrived, and cleaning out old emails. Hey, for a change I'm starting from 700 instead of 2000 of them!

9:00 in the children's room
  • Lost "baby" [doll] is still lost [i.e., not here]
  • Books in Spanish for dual-language student whose mom doesn't know Spanish [and we end up talking for a long time about allergies--daughter is allergic to a kabillion things :( ]
  • Bathroom key ...and back
  • Look up password [holy smokes! No wonder: it's a string of 12 numbers! First he wants to keep it, then he says to change it--good, since he's not the brightest bulb in the marquee]
  • Yup, having trouble getting it reset
  • The werewolf-woman and her offspring are here; she's still looking for those Magyars but has moved on to shamanism and Native Americans, and she needs parts of it copied/pasted/printed which turns out to be more than the usual complications [she's really computer illiterate, not to mention practically blind]
  • Another patron needs help finding authors, which she's sorted out while I'm werewolfing
  • Today's classified ads
  • More werewolf stuff...and I reset the printer since it's being ridiculous--hate it when people hit buttons!!
  • The guy with incredibly wide shoulders is back, still looking for a girlfriend (I can't find where I mentioned him before, but his shoulder are as wide as his legs are long; really big guy, but short]
  • "Act Like a Lady..." book by Steve Harvey [our copies are either out or MIA, so I reserve it and show her where "other stuff like that" would be]
  • Classifed's return

  • Guest pass--for more than one use [I get her set up, and THEN discover she already has an account, but it was set up with no birthdate...FAIL!]
  • Stupid printer only fails when werewolf woman uses freakin' annoying
  • Fax
  • Renew password, and update expiration date too [glad I noticed that]--but it's still not working [grrr, finally figure it out
  • Help resetting Gmail password [much easier than getting her online!]
  • Printer works fine for nice-looking couple
  • "Do you fax/Can I fax?" [yes, nice looking guy for whom the printer works]
  • Fax (surprise!)
  • People magazine [and she introduces her friend "Marge" who is 94 years old...and a little hard of hearing]

4:00 in the children's room
  • Friend from church is here with her kids
  • Where are the movies? [there, and over there]
  • Sorry kid-friends, I can't check out you; gotta haul your gelt to the other desk.
  • Stylus for PDA/game system found and turned in...sigh [I doubt the owner will return for it
  • [phone] For circ person
  • "Do you have any Harry Potter books?" [uhm, yes]
  •  Bathroom key
  • ...since I'm leaving a few minutes early, I start doing the cleanup routine at 4:30...
  • Key is back
  • It smells like patchouli in here...faintly
  • [phone] Yep, we do close at 5 today
  • Bathroom key, no the other bathroom key {elephants being much cooler than ladybugs, I guess}
  • Where are the Easy Spanish books? [over there, and oh crap the sign fell down again, sigh]
  • Key is back
  • ...only to go away again to a kid who needs help with its use
  • [closing announcement is done -- but no one is leaving]
  • Key is back
  • Winnie-the-Pooh picture books [under WIN...because they're not by Milne]
  • I'm leaving, people or not...

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