Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I hate Wednesdays

What I'm doing between questions: prepping an order or two to place tomorrow, and generally not much else.

11:00 in the children's room
  • Books about friendship and relationships for 6-year-old [holy cow, that's like the whole picture book section!]
  • Where to print
  • Help with printing [different person, and for some reason the printer demands legal-size paper for two of the pages, even though it only has letter-size text to print]

  • "Can the plat book from 1900-blah-blah be photocopied?" [yes, carefully]
  • Can't log in, [nearby library] card, says she renewed it here last time she was here...[ultimately, her card expired 4/1/11 at the home library so I renew it through today so she can get online, but tell her she'll have to go there to renew for real. ...while thinking to myself, this whole "I just renewed it" thing = pure bull]
  • Our 911-calling patron is here, and seems crabby. Great. 
  • Financial newsletters? Not magazines, newsletters [nope, and hey, you might want to try this new invention called the internet...]
  • Guest pass for the internet
  • HELP (as in I need it) with downloading to a Kindle
  • Register for this Saturday's internet class
  • New card, needs internet access

2:00 in the children's room
  • [phone] Renew books that he is "thoroughly enjoying!" [they're already 2 weeks overdue!]
  • Muppet movies [checked out, doesn't want to place a hold]
  • Bathroom key
  • How to look up a book in the catalog 
  • Key is back
  • Key (same little girl)...and back

3:00 in the children's room
  • Books on colonial U.S. history for a second grader
  • Jack Prelutsky poems [not an easy question for a boy who stutters]
  • Bathroom key...and she almost forget to give it back
  • Turtle in Paradise [yep there's a copy here, which I eventually find]
  • In the meantime, someone else needs the bathroom key, which I hadn't put away yet, so yeah go ahead and snag it off the desk, thanks!
  • "The screen just flipped sideways!" [well, the game she's playing is still ok, and while I look up the solution, why don't we just let her play and I'll fix it when you're done--win-win]
  • Books on penguins
  • "There are some kids from [nearby school] upstairs running around while we're trying to study and they won't settle down and there's a long line over there so we wanted to tell someone and you were less busy than them, and ..." [whoa, take a breath! Of course the miscreants are gone by the time I get upstairs, and some other kids from their school tell me they think they've left the building]
  • Wonky screen is fixed now, and I find some other kids to holler at for being stupid and running up and down the stacks
  • Someone turns in a tiny flip notebook that commands me to "SMILE!"
  • "Is anyone using this computer?" [it's logged into the internet, but I tell them to just log whoever it is out and go ahead and use it--I haven't seen anyone there at all, can't even figure out how it got logged in!]
  • Pay to print

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