Tuesday, February 19, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: see below, and also placing about 10 holds that no one got around to all day (ahem), and other random cleanup...and some collection development reviews....fun times.

12:00 in the children's room
  • I'm trapped in here with the chatty cleaning guy...and no one else!! aaargh
  • It's not helped by the fact that I'm doing putzy cleanup jobs: wrong media type (list from Library M), items marked New in the catalog that were added to the collection over 13 months ago...whee
  • Elephant bathroom key
  • ...I'm off to find the "New" books on the shelf to take the labels off
  • Bathroom key is back
  • Kids and moms (no dads this week) are here for storytime
  • [turns out I missed the excitement: big fist- and kick-fight outside while the Head of Circ went out and broke up, all ~135 lbs dripping wet of her; cops came, two guys arrested, blah blah blah]

  • Poetry books [aha--my purchasing section--I know those numbers!]
  • Pay to print
  • Help with a proctored online test
  • Pay to print
  • Other internet printing issues
  • Another poetry question, this time specifically Ralph Waldo Emerson [note to self: we don't own Leaves of Grass anymore; need to buy a new copy!]
  • Last night's "Get to work" guy is back, asking why the gas fireplace is on today for the first time in about a zillion years [no clue, except maybe the new boss said we should?]
  • Transfer funds from mom's card to kid's for printing
  • Edith Hamilton's Mythology [we have two]
  • Refresh internet time
  • New (guy) baby Mormons, need to print
  • ....I hear giggling...either someone's watching a funny video, or there are shenanigans going on in the stacks....
  • No, we still haven't found your USB cord, or your SIMcard...[same guy as always, see last night]
  • Our new baby Mormons aren't particularly quiet...grrr

  • We have now achieved "normal" for a Tuesday night, i.e., the frantic scattershot that I walked into at 6 has turned into 8 people doing assorted internet things and some desultory studying (i.e. flirting) going on at some of the tables
  • "Fiction Stephen King novels" [the Department of Repetitive Redundancy is right over there--I walk him to the fiction section]
  • Pay to print
  • Printer's being weird
  • Popup issue
  • Auto painting, Insanity workout DVDs, and...something else wacko that we don't have.... :(
  • More time online
  • Printer. I'm tempted to kick it in the processor...plus he's a dime short for his printing so I spot him the difference [nice kid]
  • Same kid places hold on No Easy Day
  • One of our regular, teaching himself typing, needs a stand for his typing-exercise book

  • "Do I have money on my account?" [nope]
  • Test-taker finally finishes/gives up [he wasn't having fun--it's a MIS (business) class] and I email his prof that the test is finished
  • My foodie friend (see yesterday) can't remember his login number, temporary pass [I check and it's his regular guest pass number] "Man, I must be trippin'" he says, and I say, "Yeah, you are trippin' for sure" and he giggles as he walks away [lol]
  • Stapler
  • I start the closing stuff
  • Yelling at people playing Magic the Gathering...just too easy [but really, shhh!]
  • In One Person [I find it, after they say they couldn't] 
  • Time to shut off the gas fire and so on
  • And of course we have a mom walk in at 8:55 needing stuff on Mt. Kilimanjaro for a report that's due tomorrow...grrrrr


  1. According to your catalog, you still own Leaves of Grass. It was written by Walt Whitman.

  2. Yeah, I realized that, after I published this. I meant to change this to say we have none of Emerson's works. Which is IMHO categorically worse than not owning Leaves of Grass

    Also, when this popped into Google Reader, I had a little panic attack: who knows my catalog?!

    Also ALSO, I'm an idiot for confusing Emerson and Whitman. ;-)


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