Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday (zzzzday)

What I'm doing between questions: repairing and updating all the Erin Hunter series books. There are 10 "legal" series by that author, some of which are series-within-series [shoot me, please!] and I'm refusing to do the manga ones. Ugh.

1:00 in the children's room
  • Bathroom key ... and returned
  • Storytime is actually a bigger program today [conferences week: the kids had a half day today] and yes, it does meet downstairs, and for an hour
  • [phone] Renew books
  • Chapter books about fairies [ah, yes, Daisy Meadows...]
  • On the way back from that, someone asks for the Harry Potter books
  • Do we have a horse puppet? [no, which is WEIRD--I leave a note requesting we buy one]
  • Barbie books [same girl, ten minutes later]
  • Bathroom key [same girl, immediately after Barbie]
  • Bathroom key

2:00 in the children's room
  • First key is back
  • Second key is (finally) back
  • Program is an hour long, yes
  • One of the circ people comes in with a full cart of shelving and says, "I don't know why Librarian T got out these books when I asked for books in Spanish for 2nd graders on countries; they don't have anything specific, just general 'some people eat spaghetti and some people eat whale blubber' stuff" [yup, but then T. doesn't know Spanish as well as she thinks she does, and she is far too quick on the draw on stuff like this...sigh]
  • "Jake! Jake! Where are you?!" [I signal him that he's 'over there'] ; all 25 lbs. of him scoots by the desk saying, "GANKS!" as he goes...LMAO
  • Bathroom key ... and it's returned by the "GANKS" kid, who tells me that they are "WOOOKING FOW A BOOOWK, A KIDS' BOOOWK" [I'm dyin' here]
  • "I survived..." books, by Tarshis [for "Jake"]
  • He also wants to know how to get a card [I ask him if he brought some ID, like a driver's license, and he smiles and says, "I don't have one yet" -- lol, he's probably 9 or 10]
  • When did it become OK for kids to wear bedroom slippers out in public? Hon, you're 12, and I can see your slattern future all over your feet
  • Both copies of Brisingr [ugh, one's in here, and one's in YA, sigh]
  • Mom of Jake (and Josh, the little guy) tells me, "He (Josh) doesn't want to leave" -- lol, I do hear that a lot
  • Renew card for internet use today, but she needs to bring mom/dad next time to renew her card properly
  • Bathroom key
  • Mark of Athena [yeah, we have it but it's on a waiting list, and he doesn't want to add his name]
  • Key is back
  • Librarian C comes in to ask me about ALA and asks why the ladybug bathroom is open [yes, you should go to the conference and I have no idea why J&J's mom left it open, so she'll close it on her way back to the Reference area]
  • It seems the program is are filtering back upstairs
  • What's wrong with the computer games? [I dunno, but I restart and then RUN because my shift is OVER....

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