Tuesday, February 12, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: collection development stuff...blah blah...demand media order stuff...blah blah...

12:00 in the children's room
  • ...completely alone...
  • Valentine's Day [for an under-2, and no there's really nothing left on the shelf....]
  • ...and no one had gotten out a tally sheet all morning so either there was no reference or it all got added to yesterday's...[more likely to be choice one]
  • [phone] Circuit Breaker form [no longer extant and I transfer her to Reference to let her know what is still funded]
  • "MayIpleasehave the key to the elephantbathroom?" [eventually I translate that]
  • [phone] No we really do not close on Ash Wednesday [even though you thought it was "Presidents' Thing]

1:00 in the children's room
  • I go restock the muffin basket for storytime--more people here than expected!
  • Bathroom key is (finally!) back
  • Bathroom key ... and back
  • I race after an escaping toddler since his pregnant mom is miles after him...he ends up in the women's restroom in the adult area where, Mom says, she can wrangle him
  • Pencil

  • [phone] Major Pettigrew's Last Stand [one of my favorite book covers EVER, and it's on the shelf so I pull it for the patron and put it on the holdshelf for her; she says that's "above and beyond the call of duty" hah! lol]
  • Tax forms
  • [phone] Ward's Automotive Yearbook, 1994 [only available at four libraries in WorldCat, all corporate, so I get the phone numbers and wish him luck calling to ask them to look stuff up for him
  • Look up guest number for one of our regular homeless guys, and then get involved in a really long discussion of where to find "old stuff" like from the twenties [whatever he's sort of a crank and I end up showing him the Nearby Big City library page--he's stunned that a library can fill an entire city block!--and the CDC where Vital Statistics are crunched]
  • How to brighten up the screen [can't figure it out--grrr--he moves to another computer]
  • Pencil
  • Renew time [which I shouldn't do since he's already been here 3 hours, but oh well]
  • How to access the internet x2 and they want to sit together, but there are no computers next to each other [it's quite busy, oddly]
  • Meanwhile I'm trying to log off one of the abandoned Internet stations and it doesn't want to work -- I end up having to physically reboot it
  • Another abandoned terminal resets just fine when I try [shrug]
  • Regular guy wants to know what happened to "that black bag" he told Librarian B about [no clue about any of this, but clearly it wasn't a bomb]
  • One of the two newbies can't get her password to work, so I go apply some Librarian Glare and voila, it's all good
  • Pay to print
  • "Where are the tax forms?" [under the 24x30" sign saying TAX FORMS, and we don't have everything]
  • How does eaudio work? [so I do a quick n dirty explanation and she says she'll monkey with it]

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