Saturday, February 16, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: [see below mixed in]...and later, at Reference, 

9:00 in the children's room
  • Going through the multi-disc bibliographic records that need to be updated to the new 2-week checkout coding and doing them one by one because there aren't that many left [only 40 when I finish, all of which are checked out so I can't update]
  • Updating my work calendar for the week
  • It appears to be Grandpa Day at the library: so far only people to come in are two grandpas with three grandchildren (one is sitting quietly doing computer-y things; the other is trying to read a book out loud to the boys while they empty the puppet rack and ignore him for the most part)
  • Grandpa #1 is wandering, looking puzzled, so I ask if I can help him [off we go to origami land, and I explain the difference between the preschool NF and the elementary NF sections]

10:00 in the children's room
  • Dog arrives to be read to--though we forgot to put the sign out to remind people
  • I start working on cleaning up subject headings
  • Scratch paper
  • Books on whales in Spanish [well, I manage to dig out about 4 pages' worth of info for him]
  • Scratch paper
  • Dog is now hunting for customers...and manages to terrify a little girl [this is the least terrifying dog ever, though she is big--but SLOW-moving]

  • Entourage, seasons 4-8 [not here, but I place holds]; Hung, season 1 [no one has, shockingly]; Workaholics, season 1 [no one has this either, and I've never heard of it]; intro Latin [we have zippo--what the HELL?!]  Yes this is all the same patron
  • "What tax forms do I need? [uh, well, judging by the question, I'd guess 1040EZ, but I load her up with the basic forms and what instructions we have and tell her ask her parents]
  • "I need to use the internet..." [I'm so tired that I just gape at her, only barely catching myself from saying "So? Go? Get online, your card is in your hand..." and changing it to something a little more welcoming and explanatory]
  • Librarian T arrives to sort out the jobs folder and rattle on at me about ... stuff
  • ...the Werewolf family is here... massively bad posture and greasy hair and mildew smell and all]
  • "What is Picasa 3 on the computers?" [another one I just look blankly back at the patron...oh, yeah, the photo software, yeah, that's it...]
  • "How do I enter my barcode?" [uhm, the number on your card...?] "It's been a long time since I've been here; did you always do this?" [well, for almost 15 years, yeah] "It HAS been a long time..." [dude, you were totally here last month, I remember because I helped you with job stuff, and it turns out that, while you're not unattractive on the outside, you're a complete nutbar on the inside]
  • Home theater installation [crap, everything--all two books--we have is checked out]
  • The Way by Adam Hamilton [not that he could remember the author's name, but I eventually find that he has a hold on it for when it arrives]
  • Richard Spileman [I find a wikipedia page that mentions him and the Werewolf pays me to print it for her, with her last change--it's a "no-money" week she says]
  • Pay to print [two cheeky young teens, one of whom gives me "$2" that is actually just one...sneaky-pants lol]

  • The Werewolf children are sniping at each other...
  • ... someone comes and "registers a complaint" about the rude woman in the children's room who told her friend that she has to use the adult bathrooms not the ones in the children's room [WTF?? REALLY? I tell her I'll talk to 'her' about it and apologize that she felt slighted, but also why we ask adults not to use the kids bathrooms...sigh and then go find the person and get her side, which of course is the same reaction as mine: WTF?? REALLY??]
  • Pay to print [one of our every-day regulars who has literally never spoken to me before...]  --- oops, except it's color, so it's a dollar to print so he goes and finds his ?Dad? or anyway the guy who asked about the Hamilton book to pay, and I add the dollar and give him back his 20 cents
  • [phone] Librarian T has the password for the events calendar backwards
  • Oooh, new baby Mormons!! Girls....
  • And nutbar-boy immediately starts chatting one of them up [no, no, no] but she brushes him off nicely somehow
  • Librarian T walks back hollering about how she caps-lock on, stops to bug Librarian J during her lunch break, and then comes to ask me about the DAR's use of ...something something ... which I know nothing about so off she goes with the same woman trailing her
  • [phone] Blubberland [not in the system, and he says rather than having us check, he'll try when he is "up in [state capitol to our north]" next week, so I check and let him know that they do indeed own it at the state university there]
  • [phone] Rosetta Stone [I explain that levels one and two no longer exist, and check for other alternatives, none of which are available on CD, so then I suggest she come in and we'll see what we can find for her
  • Look up password for internet
  • Librarian T needs help printing from, but when I go help, she gets completely wiggy and ends up shutting down the program...I'm seriously NOT in a good mood [eventually I calm her down and we figure out that you can enlarge the photo online, but you can't print the enlarged version]
  • Pay to print
  • [phone] Lee Child books on CD [for the caller's husband who is right next to her, so I can hear him, but she has to repeat everything I say, then she repeats what HE says back, etc. Can I kill them both?]

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