Monday, February 18, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: RSS feeds, and subject headings list.

  • Do we fax? [yes] Can I borrow a pen? [Yup]
  • Fax
  • Printer is printing streaky...before I change the ink, I ask Librarian K and he shakes the printer cartridge...suddenly it's all printing fine [sigh--when I shook it, it was still streaky]
  • More time online? [sure why not]
  • Pencil
  • Personal message in a sealed envelope for Librarian B from ... some guy ...? I will ask her about
  • [phone] [State] Services and Manufacturers directories [yup, they're here, 2013s even!]
  • More time since we're dead quiet [sure--it's the guy I talked about food with here]
  • Fax
  • Lost USB-to-MP3 cable [dude has a lost something every week, and we NEVER have what he's lost...scam, much?]
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Internet connection on one of the public computers just died...I restart it since all the cables are connected 

  • 1040 instructions [STILL don't have them...sigh]
  • [phone] AllData for car repair? [no we have Ebsco auto repair stuff...and he doesn't have a card, so he'll have to get that sorted before he can use it]
  • No, Librarian T, no 1040 instructions...sigh
  • Renew time (again) [for the food dude above]
  • I glance up and find a dude staring at me; when I make eye contact he looks down and moves towards the reading room; then when he gets to the doors he turns around and looks at me again  [don't be a creeper dude--but I check to be sure I don't have blood or food on my face or clothes...nope]
  • Pestery regular comes by, smacks the desk and says, "Don't pretend to be busy!" ["Like I'm pretending?" I answer]
  • Creeper is still staring, now from the hallway to the entrance.... grrrrr
  • How to access internet [uhm, wow, ok....I'm really not up for the easy questions today, even] [and of course she has to call home for an ID number she needs, and of course she's looking up her paystub from Wal-Mart...]
  • [phone] Setting up a freshwater fish aquarium [I pull a bunch of things and put them on the hold shelf for him

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