Monday, February 04, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: killing people off in our catalog

11:00 in the children's room
  • Shrieking child at circ is shrieking (at the fish) {grr}
  • Help with printing
  • Key for bathroom? [adult restrooms are in the adult area, and dude, your beard scruff is ALL gray, so... yah--of course, I don't say the last bit, and he's pretty amenable to walking another 25 yards]
  • Princess and the Frog on DVD [was supposed to be held through Saturday, and she's got three kids under 4 with her, so I figure it out and remind/tell her that if she ever needs stuff held longer, or can't get here to turn in books, call us and we'll renew stuff and extend holds, usually]

  • [phone] Book that I reserved...I need it sooner than the due date, what can I do? [it is available at some libraries fairly nearby but out of our consortium where she can use her card, so she says she'll call around]
  • Cheerful patron needs pencil and paper
  • The first two Indian Jones movies...and we no longer own ANY of them!! horrors [I place holds for the patron on other copies and then leave a note in the order drawer to repurchase them if possible]
  • Director walks past and we agree that winter can stop now
  • Guest pass for internet
  • Help typing a paper
  • ...and on the way back to Reference, I'm stopped with a question ["no, these are all the tax forms we've received, sorry..."]
  • She has a couple of other tax-form-related questions too, along with the "when" question [no, I have no idea when things will arrive...looks like my "I Hate the IRS" attitude gets to commence early this year]
  • Two book requests/reserves left at circ by the same patron: new Robert Patterson book and a 58-year-old Rosemary Sutcliff book :-)
  • Hearing noise behind me, I turn to see someone has come back here, I think to throw something away, but regardless it kinda freaks me out
  • Pen (for woman needing to write a paper)
  • She's done with the pen, and apparently her paper, and leaves [must've emailed it directly without printing it]

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