Tuesday, February 26, 2013


What I'm doing between questions:

12:08 in the children's room
  • [yeah, following a salt truck into work as it salts completely dry roads tends to slow things down, gah]
  • Director asks me if the sig on a bad photocopy is our maintenance guy's; yes, I think so, but maybe check with Head of Circ.
  • Then we discuss weather and closing, etc., for tonight since I'm the only librarian in the building after 6
  • And the snow has started....
  • [phone] Sales person [I dump them over to the Ref Desk]
  • Fishtank guy arrives to clean up the tank; storytime starts at 1, so it's a race
  • "I Spy" type books that aren't quite as hard as the original ones [we have some in beginner readers that are easier, which is majorly counter-intuitive since those books are for older kids than the 'hard' books are]
  • "I Survived" books
  • [phone] Call for Librarian C [she's at lunch, so the caller will try again in a few minutes]
  • Where is children's music? [over here]
  • Register for the next round of storytimes
  • "How many CDs can I check out?" [three is way under the limit, so he's fine]
  • I can barely see through the snow to the houses across the (residential-width) street!!
We closed at 4 due to whiteout conditions and general terror of driving home after dark. It was ugly outside!




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