Monday, August 13, 2012

1 - 2 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: figuring out the play TOCs....

  • "How I have...left?" [uhm, $2.50 looks like] "No, not that! How much on THERE!" points to computer [ah, TIME? yeah, well, you can find that on your screen, but ... 20 minutes]
  • [phone] How to download an ebook to a Kindle
  • Pay to print and return books? Not here, but since I have to get change, I'll take 'em up to circ with me
  • How to download an audio book
  • Federalist papers, constitution, when did people become "people" not serfs, etc., and some discussion of loud-talkers in libraries and the military and other social service benefits being cut
  • Pictures of octopus
  • Save doc to system to email to self? [nope, doesn't work so I dig out an old floppy to use...and renew his internet time as well]
  • Pay to print and help attaching resume to email (different guy) [use same floppy, gotta remember to delete both]
  • Refresh time
  • Reset logs for the usual guy I have to do this for practically every day I'm out here

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