Monday, August 06, 2012

12 - 2 ; 5 - 6 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: trying to get organized, and then giving up and checking series that have been added or changed in the past (holy cats!) year.

  • I think we have three LDS missionaries now--women--replacing the two guys we had a couple of weeks ago. Two of them need to print, and load me up with pennies
  • Kid on his cell talking fairly quietly and playing facebook games
  • Gotta love chair dancers
  • Nearby-city-cardholder added to SAM
  • Kid still on phone
  • Reset logs for #3 LDS chick
  • Fashion note : men weighing over 350 lbs. with super-extra-wide feet should NOT WEAR CROCS!
  • Two girls show up to "sneak up on" the chair to him quietly, leave, come back, poke him in the arm, leave ... and he follows them. The girl he's here with does the "wtf?" thing with her hand as he walks away, but stays put. 
  • Kid still on phone -- finally, I got tell him to cut it short (as if) and remind (or tell) him we have a no cell phone policy [he hangs up, logs off the computer and goes into the kids' room]
  • GED books
  • Vacuum sealer (for canned/preserving) ratings [there isn't anything out there, certainly nothing recent]
  • Envy Up, Scorn Down [will have to ILL it for her]

  • Scratch paper/pencil 
  • "Thanks!" [from the nearby-city-cardholder]
  • Pay to print [she hands me her card and then gets distracted and starts panicking because she can't find her card in her there, done that]
  • New Grisham and Iles books [I place the holds for when they're released, and do order request slips so we can get them ordered]
  • Scratch paper
  • Headphones [nope, none here--plus whoever's in the kids' room, who sent her here is 10 steps away from the box of new ones; I'm 30 yards away...really ppl?]
  • YA prizewinner here to pick up prize [portable speakers]

  • Cop walkthrough...whee
  • {crickets} 5:30
  • Wailing tiny baby wails for 5 10 15 minutes [I think the parents live here all day everyday]

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