Monday, August 27, 2012

12 - 2 ; 4 - 5 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: checking recent awards books against the catalog.

12:00 in children's room
  • Hi to multiple staff members wandering through
  • Hi to grandpa with two toddlers heading to the block/Lego table
  • Bathroom key ... and dad returns it
  • "Can I sit in here with my laptop and my baby?" [of course! Plus, she brought Grandma to entertain baby]
  • "Can I print from my laptop? [uhm no not yet...working on it]
  • Grandpa needs bathroom key for one of his charges
  • ...and it's back [both boys get the opportunity to hand it to me: first the oldest, then I give it to the youngest and he hands it back...too sweet]

  • Wireless info 
  • [phone, from circ] "Is [patron] up back there? I can't get her record to open." [nope not us for a change!]
  • It's really chilly back here!
  • Need to print from the internet, doesn't have a card but has his friend's...[ugh, don't tell me that...but I make him a day pass and tell him they work JUST LIKE the cards if he knows his friend's]
  • "TEXT MESSAGE RECEIVED" says a guy's phone as he walks past. Loudly.
  • Celiac disease/Gluten-free material that he had last week [all checked out--hot topic! I reserve the two he really wants]
  • Day pass guy needs to print
  • Learning piano books for older man, who could really use something in Spanish, but we don't have [but he's happy with what I do find, hooray]
  • More time online
  • Ethernet cable returned
  • Pay to print
  • How to print [he's easily frustrated by my stellar explanation of how to print]--and then prints and pays everything as he goes
  • [phone] Next Sookie Stackhouse books [I find them on the shelf for her, but then she needs to chat about some other books...blah blah blah]
  • Meanwhile, someone comes to where I'm on the phone at circ looking for "whoever's at Reference"
  • She forgot her PIN
  • Massive slow printer dude asks, "Do you take credit cards?" [minimum of $5 charge, which is way more than he needs to print]
  • PIN woman is popping her lips...argh

4:00 in children's room
  • [staff question] How are the kids' Grief Section books coded?
  • Spirited Away [we have volumes 2-4 of the graphic series and the movie--off she goes to look for the movie]
  • Any books or CDs by current popular people, like Katy Perry, etc.? [...and she's off to the CDs to plow through 781.64 by singer's last name]
  • More middle school girls can't actually get the words for what they want out; I suggest a paper and pencil which thuRILLLLS them....and the representative girl writes down "Girl Puberty Book" [right, big shock on that we go...]
  • Books on how to be a friend for K-aged girls [we find a few]
  • "My brother left my iPod over there a few days ago..." [yeah, no we don't have it, because you asked at the front desk and they didn't find it, and I'm going to be looking in the same places. Sorry dude]
  • Books that make cricket sounds...[hello, Eric Carle!]
  • [staff question] Can we make the CSI:NY records findable? Some are in CSI:NY, some are in CSI : New York, some have the season spelled out, some have the number...[yeah, I'll fix when I'm done here]


  1. You had some good ones today! The sweet & good definitely out-did the glargh/blahblah, at least. My personal favorites: laptop & baby; CDs by "current popular people" (which is, y'know, easy to determine); and the big winner: girls can't say what they want. That made me laugh out loud.

    CSI:NY just makes me want to punch the publisher (consistency, please!) - and Eric Carle and everydamnedcopy of his books ought to be shot. :)

  2. Hmm, I like the cricket book--surprisingly ours still makes noise. Every season of CSI:NY now has at least four 246 fields. A couple have six.

    The slow printer guy was killing me--trying to clear his credit record, but the printout of creditors was 26 pages long. It made my stomach flip. Poor guy. Literally.

    Also, PIN Woman/Lipsmacker? I gave her her password at about ten till. When I left the desk, she still hadn't figured out how to log on. {pop} {pop}

  3. OK, one copy can remain unshot: yours. ;)

    26 PAGES? Woof! I can't even imagine. The last time I ran my credit report, it was maybe 9 pages total (including the paid-in-full mortgage and student loans).

    Remind me to act out Nose Hair Guy sometime. He's also known as "Afraid of Squirrels." He will rival PIN Woman, fer sure.


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