Wednesday, August 01, 2012

3 - 4 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: name cleanup project.

  • And right off the bat, the first person is a woman needing to pay to print has the wrong name on her SAM record, which I notice because I know the guy whose name is on the card [I call Circ Supervisor and she says to just go ahead and change it to match her library card]
  • Pay to print
  • Reboot internet station
  • Quiz: you get a call in the library on your cell phone. Do you a) mute it? b) run to the front door or a study room to answer it? c) go into the quietest area of the library to answer it? d) I turned my cell phone off so it wouldn't ring in the library. [if you chose C, welcome to my afternoon]
  • Pay to print--on the color printer [bank statements, oops]
  • Pay to print
  • Purchase a flash drive [hmm, is $10 a good price for a 4gb drive? no clue--anyway, he pays with no complaint]
  • "Can I use my cell phone in the library?" [oh, bless you, my friend! yes, if you need to to do what you're doing online, of course]
  • "I asked for last year's [reference directories] to be set aside for me when you got the new ones--and these are the new ones, so..." [CRAP! I think we just threw them out--and it's not mentioned in the disposal directions for those two books...]
  • Also, he wants to use this year's edition of one of them
  • Meanwhile, the dingbat choosing C above just got another call; WHY don't people TURN DOWN THEIR PHONES in here??
  • Item reserves slips
  • ...and the reference directory is back

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  1. If you don't go to the quietest place in the library, then you won't hear your incoming call, of course. (The lovely public library at which I spent some time this week was Dead Quiet...until a gent near me nearly fell off his chair with heart palpitations when his phone blared. He got the look of death from everyone within range. He shut it off rather than answering. Good man!)

    I've suggested that my piece of work begin offering flash drives, etc., for sale. I get blank looks in return. sigh


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