Tuesday, August 07, 2012

7 - 8 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions:

7:00 in the children's room
  • The Gruesome Twosome (of cousins/sisters/friends) is back
  • Scratch paper, and the pencil he set down as he ran out [I've already stolen it, lol]
  • Three moms and at least 7 kids walk in, with strollers [technically, three of the kids are rolled in]
  • "My nephew forgot his password..."
  • While I'm looking that up, her daughter arrives doing the pee pee dance and utters the magic word to mom in a whisper: "baƱo" [so I get out the key]
  • ...and then go log the nephew into the internet
  • Hunger games? Actually, Mockingjay? [I throw her completely by finding two copies and asking "Which one?"]
  • "Slow down!!" [he skids to a stop by the 'shopping baskets']
  • I return to find the Twosome taking a large stack of the dwindling pile of scratch paper, just like last time they were here
  • Key is back [and nephew is "very happy, thank you!"]
  • Ruby the Copycat [got it, twice, irony firmly in place]
  • (to one of the Twosome who is back for more paper) "Hey leave a little for the rest of the world, ok?" [she takes two]
  • [phone] Help with My Media Mall [transfer to Reference]
  • (to the other of the Twosome, the same comment) Her reply: "I'm just taking one for me and one for my cousin" and she takes four [eyeroll]
  • Myth-o-mania books [all checked out, she says most of them are out to her, but she's missing a couple, which are with someone else right now--oh well, she already has holds on them]
  • [worrisome text from home--waiting for a clarification call]
  • Bathroom key
  • "Slow down, slow down" [older boy chasing younger boy; they both do as told]
  • "Can I go to the bathroom?" [I get the other key]
  • [Disturbing call from home which I take in the workroom--will be leaving early]
  • Bathroom keys returned while I'm away from this desk
  • [And a very upsetting text from home--I'm outta here now]

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