Saturday, August 04, 2012

9 - 10 a.m. ; 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: searching the new-release of the 1940 census...found my dad's job is listed as "Evangelist" and he's living 300 miles from his parents. WTF??

9:00 in the children's room
  • I don't actually get in here till 9:20 because the [distance] bookdrop hadn't been emptied for over a week, which meant I picked up 81 items today, loaded 'em in my car, drove 'em here, unloaded 'em, stacked 'em on a cart, and hauled them to the circ I was late starting out
  • First question of the day: a very cute, happy toddler who 'needed' a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD, which I did find [after turning on the computer and logging it on]
  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl graphic novels [all 10 are checked out :(], but Pokemon chapter books are HERE!! [a few, anyway]
  • 9:30, and I'm turning on the computers, finally, and hanging up posters that have fallen down

  • Fax
  • "Can I print from my laptop?" [not yet, but he has a card so I go through the procedure for that with him]
  • Pay to print
  • Day pass for internet [she's doing a FAFSA, so I immediately add more time to her allotment]
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine DVD [I place a hold; his sister walks over and he informs her she has a pimple on her eyelid (I can't see it) and I tell him he needs to not say that stuff to his sister ... lol]
  • Today's classifieds
  • [phone] Tigers in Red Weather [there are TWO books, different authors, with that title--how weird is that? And our copy is out so I reserve it for her. Also, she has a book on the holdshelf she's been waiting for, and we need to buy another copy of the latest Jennifer Weiner book as we have scads of holds on it...including this patron]
  • Ads are back
  • "You used to have a collection of state atlases..." [they're now shelved in with the books instead of in the atlas stand]
  • Laptop guy can't find his library card so I give him a day-pass and explain how to print
  • FAFSA woman is done, inside of 35 minutes!

  • Laptop guy comes over to pay me to print
  • Photocopies (staple puller, etc.) and how to transfer VHS to DVD [I have a machine at home, but I send her to some local businesses that might be able to do it for her; if she gets stuck, I tell her to call back and I'll dig out the machine and bring it in]
  • Look up password [which is HANDS DOWN the best password I've ever seen anyone use...and which he writes down on a paper and labels it "Library Pass"--way to be secure!--pay to print, pay fines, blah blah]...and then forgot to note that his card expired in April, so I extend it through today
  • Pop-up blocker help
  • Needy expired guy (who is actually very nice) needs to know how he will now something has printed [it won't, till you release it] -- and it didn't print, why? [he's printing from Mapquest, so don't use File-Print, use the printer icon on the screen]
  • Pencil & scratch paper
  • Pay to print

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