Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hump Day

What I'm doing between questions: s u b j e c t s. YAWN.

  • "Time to make the donuts" says the 4th person walking past [exactly what I was thinking...creepy!]
  • A large group of 11-12 year olds just quietly went downstairs....hmmm
  • Pay to print
  • I decide to clean out the "lost computer paraphrenalia drawer and end up throwing away about a dozen CD/DVD discs and a 6" stack of floppies (after destroying them); I'll keep the 10 thumb drives to reformat and hand out as people  need them; also, all the Out Of Order signs are back in a folder together again, and the 2 calculators, 1 cell phone, and glasses case are in the regular lost & found where they belong.
  • Found money in wallet after asking questions about SAM (can't remember what--I was distracted by my project above)

  • Patron comes in furious because someone has a dead bird stuck in the grill of their car
  • How to get online [new user, new card]
  • Bird dude decides that he will fix our jammed stapler, and by the time I get back with a different one, he has, by golly!
  • Where is Notepad? [He can use Word for what he wants Notepad for, and I show him how]
  • Headphones? [I give him a pair of earbuds I saw in the paraphrenalia drawer...and now I'm untangling left-behind earbuds....]
  • Downloading a photo [need the cable that came with the camera, that there is your phone cable, but we have left-behind cables dice]
  • Fax
  • Substitute stapler back "home" as I get done at the desk

3:00 in the kids' room
  • How to change font color in Word [easy pitch to start the hour]
  • Fuh-reeezing in here
  • 3:25 and about 30 people (mostly kids of various ages) walk in, in clumps
  • Dork Diaries books [there are actually a few on the shelf!] and "can you check out with a school ID?" [only if it has your picture on it...not picture :( ]
  • "What time is it?" [3:35]
  • One minute of "Why?" "But why?" "WHYYYyyyyy?" [whine whine whine] child with mom, who stands firm and doesn't clock the kid either
  • yeah: one hour=3 questions........yawnnnn

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