Monday, October 15, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

  • First act of the day: apologize to Librarian B for barking at her when she came back to the workroom a few minutes ago to 'warn' me about one of our regulars doing his usual inappropriate viewing...honestly, I don't CARE as long as no one complains, but...she does...and she doesn't deserve to be growled at
  • Ethernet Guy here for 'his' cable
  • [phone] Materials ordered last week; are they here yet? [nope]
  • Buddha in the Attic [checked out; I place hold]
  • [phone] World Book Encyclopedia rep; I take down info on sale price for Librarian M and send her an email in case she wants to buy
  • Paper &  pencil
  • Guest pass for internet [her mom says, "wow, this library is HUGE!" lol]
  • Look up PIN
  • Guest pass girl asks a sensible question about printing. I love sensible questions!!
  • Custodial dude comes by and says hello
  • Fax, and a look through the job ads folder
  • Pencil &  paper
  • Newbie questions the popup that just appeared on her screen--it's because I renewed her time so she didn't get thrown out in the middle of things
  • [phone] The second book in the Mysterious Benedict Society series, and the audiobook [I place holds on both--our book is checked out, but the CD is here, so they'll both probably get pulled tonight from here and...wherever]
  • Guest pass girl is ready to pay to print, so I walk her thru that

4:00 in the children's room
  • I come about 2 cm from colliding headfirst with Librarian D as we switch desks. We both need beepers, or bells 
  • The letter to Mr. Ick is posted--he's been banned from the building for 5 weeks, at least. Someone needs to put him back on his meds
  • Homelanders series, book 3 [our copy is, you guessed it, checked out--I reserve a copy for him]
  • Same kid asks for Mark of Athena [46 holds in the system, so I add him]
  • So, there's a kid, behind the computer tables, online who keeps chuckling and giggling at whatever he's doing. It's cracking me up.
  • Books on Sequoyah, Cherokee Indians, and the Southeastern U.S. Tennesse [got 'em all]
  • Lost library card turned in [I block in and put it in the box with the rest]
  • Spanish historical fiction book for 5th grader 
  • Books on colors, and I Spy books

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