Friday, October 05, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

9:00 in the children's room
  • I'm running late, so I'm eating in the children's room -- bad example!
  • Bathroom key x2
  • Look up kids' card # [it's expired and has $4+ in fines, so I warn the mom and extend the time thru today, and leave a note]
  • Head of Circ asks if I know if Librarian J is here ; no clue, though the light in her office is on so...probably?
  • There are a TON of people here this morning--probably because there's no school, but still, weird
  • Help finding a "girls game" online called Fantasyland Dress Up [snort]
  • Check card for money for printing, tell him he has a DVD on hold, and he asks about the "new" Big Nate book (due out next February!), and reserve for the new Dashner book [VERY chatty, fun kid]
  • Books on MLK, and a chat about why he was killed [with a six-year-old, uhm...]
  • Bathroom key x2
  • I'm asked to check out the dresses the Fantasyland girl has found for her avatar to wear...sigh...prom dress a-go-go ; also sea turtle movies [nope]

10:00 in the children's room
  • YA Graphic Novels
  • More time [for Fantasyland and her mom]
  • Mom trying to put kid's shoes back on--this is a preschool (at the very least) aged kid, and the process is strangely silent as they wrestle on the floor [she eventually wins....silently]
  • Can't get out of the game he's in [fixed]
  • Email received from colleague: ocm50908541 I didn't realize that Star Wars characters were authors now. o.O [yes, Boba Fett has written a 20-page-page autobiography "with" a ghost-writer ..sigh
  • Renew Fantasyland's card [front desk, sorry]
  • Wayside School....[got it]
  • "Where did my mom go?" [Fantasyland...probably to the desk to renew your card--and I log her out of SAM]
  • Check out at front desk
  • [phone] Reserve meeting room [being very unskilled in this area, I go ask someone else to do it and take her place at the checkout desk for 10 minutes, which is mayhem-ish]
  • Good book for a 5th grader for a book report [since he's the kid who asked for the new James Dashner book before, I get Maze Runner for him to try]

11:00 in the children's room
  • [phone] Event registration, which is more complicated than it needs to be because I don't really know what I'm doing
  • "Did anyone turn in a wallet?" [No. Oh crap...she looks like someone ran over her dog--this is the silent shoe-wrestling-match woman]
  • Help move craft-room table so custodian can mop
  • Help printing an email attachment
  • Lost wallet saga continues [I end up calling the cops, and the whole thing eats about 45 minutes of the morning]
  • Spanish books for book reports
  • "Where does the movie Rio belong?" [we have a copy in E and a copy in J, and it's wigging out our shelver]


  1. That last item in the 9:00 segment made me laugh-hork my cereal - luckily I had my bowl handy and it didn't cause a huge mess.

    Oooh, Boba Fett!

    I love the concept of "E" DVDs. Do they slide into the machine with less difficulty? Fewer options on-screen? (We have two categories: adult, juvenile. You no like? TOUGH.)

  2. Yes, I thought of you when sea turtles turned up on conversation so abruptly.

    I didn't create this differentiation, and I would be more than happy to use only J--we do just that with the music. {{shrug}}

    The shelver's [who is actually a custodial employee hired from the local SpEd org] on the autism spectrum so it really doesn't take much to wig him out. Or talk....endlessly.


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