Tuesday, October 02, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

6:00 in the kids' room
  • Bathroom key!! [desperate]
  • Dork diaries #4
  • Bathroom key back and immediately gone again
  • Other bathroom key is MIA...and needed
  • Johnny Appleseed books
  • How much to print in color
  • Bathroom key is returned, but I don't know where the people who were waiting went...?
  • It's now 6:09
  • After knocking, I 'break in' to the bathroom with the master key--yep, our key was left in there by the last person
  • Battle of the Books list: any mysteries? [no, I don't think so...I also can't believe that the oldest girl in this family is nearly 10--I remember making library cards for the parents when they moved here, pre-kids]
  • Computer froze [poor kid: he's Hispanic, and he's named after his dad...whose first name is Joan (zhowe-on) which means years of teasing from classmates]
  • And then it reserved the computer for him somehow...ok, weirdness everywhere
  • Storytime begins
  • Staff member needs Bilingual Book sticker [we eventually find the right drawer in the children's librarian's desk...]
  • There's been a mom/tutor here since I arrived in here reading a book out loud to a young teenaged boy while he answers questions
  • Bathroom key...and back
  • Bathroom key (and some help unlocking the door)...and back
  • Flash cards for addition [well, it takes awhile to figure out where they are....but we do find them]

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