Saturday, October 27, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: LCSH-a-go-go. Looking back through old entries of this blog, wondering if I should create a page for our regulars and staff my spare time. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.....I crack myself up.

10:00 in the kids' room
  • Guest passes for internet [and the printer in here doesn't work, so...I send them to the adult desk]
  • Bathroom key
  • Lightning Thief on CD or DVD [uhm, the audiobook is only on CD...and we have it]
  • Bathroom key back
  • Check out here? [nope]
  • All of the above has been for the same family...I'm their personal librarian today
  • Bathroom keys for cleaning
  • Pay to print
  • How much to print?
  • Lost sunglasses
  • Help with printing, and payment
  • Bathroom key
  • VERY pushy woman wants DVDs about Jesus, not animated: "real people" [uhm you do know they didn't have videocameras in 1st century Palestine, right? And I am NOT getting you Passion of the Christ for your 8-year-old grandson; sorry, you have to figure out where that is on your own (unless you ask)]
  • Key back [patron asks when we started doing that...uh, yeah, like YEARS ago, at least 3]
  • Help with printing (same kid)  -- 3 minutes later, he gets up seemingly having figured it out himself this time. ;-)

  • I'm enjoined by departing Librarian J to "have fun" [ugh]
  • Can't log in, password isn't right, so I fix it and she's in
  • Werewolf: pay to print and needs help [but not as much, she's getting the hang of it]
  • Pencil/Paper
  • Circ/Tech person asks me to run a weeding list for her to use for the Collection Development class she's taking
  • Paper--and he doesn't want to sit where I (or other passersby) can see him  (i.e., he doesn't take the computer that's right across from me and all the others are in use), so...he's off to the front of the building instead
  • Werewolf is working on this "Huns/Magyars genetically related to American Indians" thing. Still. Just printed off 19 pages from Wikipedia that need stapling
  • Stapler (bird-in-grill dude)
  • Day pass for internet (he forgot his card [I'm not supposed to do this, but ... ]
  • Pay to print
  • List of nursing textbooks [we don't buy textbooks, so she's SOL here; I suggest the community college library, and then show her that Amazon has rental and used options for less money--and by the way, the three specific ones I looked at totalled less than half of one of my son's chem texts]
  • Pay to print and today's classifieds
  • How to put an accent mark over a letter in Excel
  • How to upload pix from a camera card [I get the Belkin for her]
  • Ads are back
  • Renew time

  • I have no idea what happened for most of this hour...some phone reserves, some gossiping with staff, some LCSH stuff...lots of internet help

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