Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Monday

What I'm doing between questions: listserves, I guess...nothing much to catch up on, except those damn LCSH lists...

  • Help with printing, and pay ($20 bill for a 60-cent print charge...ugh)
  • Info on a community where university is located--NOT the college community...ugh, wow, this guy's a little goofy
  • Pay to print x 3
  • Community guy still here talking my ear off
  • Update expiration date
  • There's a guy here with long white hair in a neat ponytailed of which is colored dark pink with that spray-on stuff...perhaps, if you have white hair, you should WASH YOUR HAIR when you're done with the whatever-it-is for which you sprayed your hair [my guess is the local 5K run/walk which was yesterday]
  • Stapler and discussion of gas prices and selling used cars

4:00 in the children's room
  • Credit report printing--only has a quarter, it's 12 pages long (actually 10, once all the junk at the bottom is accounted for)...[lots of ways around this, but eventually she'll need to find money...]
  • Two really old picture books, neither of which we own, but the second one is at a nearby library at least so I reserve it
  • Bathroom key....and returned
  • Lexile numbers, but teacher recommended Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys [this girl couldn't be less interested in this and still be awake]

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