Thursday, October 11, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: checking subject headings woo-hoo

5:00 in the children's room
  • Two ?brothers using computers next to each other are having one of those really stupid arguments ("No you didn't say that, you said...", "I did not." "I totally HEARD you!" "You aren't even playing the game right." "What does that have to do with..."). I'm about to go smack them both in the head [but they stopped, finally]
  • 5:28 Bathroom key [well, I should probably ask if he has kids in here...but I'm so glad not to be invisible that I just let him use it]
  • "My card says it's inactive" [cuz you on $8+ in fines...oh, and you have a DVD on the hold shelf; "yeah, I know, but they said I can't check it out till I pay my fine" --nice, so you knew your card wasn't going to work, ya twerp...]
  • The arguing guys leave--still can't tell if they're brothers or friends
  • Bathroom key is back
  • [phone] Renew stuff that's due today for the whole family [total, I think they have about 80 things checked out, but they are regular good patrons so it's just nice instead of worrying]
  • Bathroom key
  • ...and back
  • [phone] How long are we open? [9 tonight]
  • New-walking kid staggers past, being chased by his big sister on her hands and knees....too cute
  • Big Nate Out Loud isn't on the shelf [well, yes, it is, just not on the regular BOOK shelf--it's with the graphic novels]

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