Tuesday, October 30, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

1:15 in kids' room, covering for a sickie
  • Half day for the school district today (not weather-related) so lots of kids in here this afternoon
  • Long discussion about YA lit with a patron, which ends when...
  • I go break up a kissy-face session going on across the room (behind the patron, so I'd been watching)
  • Bathroom key
  • "Have you seen a 10-year-old boy in a blue T-shirt, alone?" [apparently he was outside without a coat looking confused...the dude was concerned about him]
  • ...and back
  • Scissors and paper
  • Two little guys =  my new best friends
  • Help finding a new series
  • Headphones
  • My new best friends are using up all my staples, along with making me laugh....

3:40 covering while we call the cops 
  • Someone reported someone else with a gun. The someone else has (natch) already left after threatening the first person
  • Technology help, guest pass, spare headphones, contracts, lost phone (nope), and a very full set of internet stations and people with not a lot of functional brain cells...no own time....at least we got a two-fer from the police

6:00 in kids' room
  • Spiderwick field guide [we don't own :( ] and no, MOM, I don't WANT to download it to the Kindle, I want a BOOK!! [omg, I'm so happy to hear that, and I tell her that!]
  • "We saw a book here awhile ago...not sure of the title..." [I adore keyword searching: "beach playa go" finds it]
  • "How many DVDs can we check out?" [uhm 5, I think]
  • Vampire stories [we find the scary short stories in 398....and I tell the girls they can take whatever doesn't scare their papa, cuz dads are easily frightened]
  • "Can we print on the computers?" [yup, but it costs 10 cents per page--then again, she's currently got mom's purse while mom's carrying the zonked out baby]
  • Dude runs into storytime without putting on the one shoe that fell off when he got off the chair
  • Very scary guy walks through in a very scary way...why do these people need to walk through this room to get to where they are going?!?
  • What is that long written thing after I log in that says "Agree" or "Cancel"? [those would be the rules...which I shorten up to "if you're mom would smack you for doing something on the internet, it's against the rules here too" -- and his face lights up in a big smile. I believe he was worried there'd be a test on the rules, and being ESL was more than a little concerned that he was doomed. Mom, though, those rules he can follow!]
  • ...and it won't load his game, something to do with add-ons and flash [I suggest he find another website with games]
  • How to get a library card for a 5-year-old
  • Captain Underpants [we should probably buy some more copies of those...]
  • More add-on problems...I move him to a different computer and reboot the one he was using
  • Do we have books for kids online? [yup, really? REALLY?? People still don't know this?]
  • 5-year-old is very excited about her library card :D
  • Do we have DVDs for kids? Uhm, yeah....
  • How many DVDs can I check out [5]
  • Do we have to check out before the kids go into adult section? [?? wow, uh, no]

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