Saturday, October 13, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: just found a huge mess in our orders that I need to clean up. The demise of BWI cannot happen soon enough for me!

  • Librarian J rattles on about Mr. Ick who has been on a tear this week (and this morning)
  • "I accidentally locked my computer instead of logging out" [I deal with it
  • [phone] Lady and the Tramp DVD on hold; where is it? [still in processing] and a book she saw on TV last night [I do an order for it because it's my buying section]
  • I go find L&tT in the workroom and ask Librarian T to process it quick if she has time today
  • [phone] I can't remember because I got distracted--Librarians T and J are blathering about Mr. Ick who has followed our cleaner in the the women's bathroom and asked him to move the chairs back to where he normally sits
  • Phantom Tollbooth not here [I call libraries in two nearby towns and finally find a copy for them--girl needs it this weekend]
  • Today's classifieds and pay to print
  • ...and three regular homeless-sometimes guys wander past in various versions of camo
  • Paper
  • How to spell "Chloe"

  • Librarian T shows me this resume-writing program we've just installed. Pretty neat. Glad I don't have to write a real one...or should I??
  • "Reesooms" [ok, fairly understandable in context--I'll catch her on the way out and let her know we have some programming about this coming up]
  • Elementary-aged kid wants a guest pass [got a parent here? No means no internet till they sign for you to use it]
  • Do we have a scanner? [not yet...sigh] but then need to get on Word [I explain]
  • Times Were A-Changin' [our copy is supposedly here, but the spot where it would be is empty...literally [kid needs it for school on Tuesday...someone in his class beat him to it]
  • Need to get on Word [I explain and she says her card's expired, so I start the renewal explanation, and then she says she can't because she has, yeah, no computer access either then, sorry]
  • Someone left after logging out of XP...why the FUCK can't people READ?!
  • Fee lady is back with a friend, and her card which doesn't have a password so I'm sure I'll be over there banging on the computer because...yup, the new password didn't work. Never does
  • Librarian J heads into the children's room, but since the door from Ref is closed, she backtracks and makes a complete circuit of the library to get there...rather than propping the door and driving her cart through it 

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