Monday, October 29, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: series and name-change checking, but not much of it

  • "I remembered my flash drive! Aren't you proud of me?!" [dude, I am proud of everyone who remembers to take their flash drives--and he shows me the note he wrote himself to remember, lol]
  • Guest pass for internet [pretty adorable guy, too, sigh]
  • Nerdy Pet Mormon walks past, wearing a nice pink tie under his gray sweater...first sign of color
  • I call patron re a request she made for "Beautiful Ruins CD" [music or audiobook? Audiobook, for this month's book club--no one owns the CD yet, so...I order it and she eventually agrees to take a book]
  • Map of state just north of us [I talk her into copying a page of one of our Delorme Altases for the area she's interested in and she walks away THRILLED]
  • Temporary internet pass [she has $10 in fines, so I warn her and then print out a pass so she can print "one thing"]
  • Never fails: one complicated (-ish) question and suddenly 6 people need me by phone and in person:
    • Books with pictures of "cocoon" clothing from the 1920s [eventually, I do find what she needs, both via Google Images and in a few books]
    • [phone]
    • Circ person comes back to take this end of the call
    • Pay to print
    • [phone]
    • More time on card
    • Head of Circ collecting our money for deposit
    • [phone]
    • ...other stuff I can't remember...
  • No messages on phone after all that ??
  • "This map you made isn't right..." [well, I didn't make it, but I print out a new map from his new directions, and hear all about why he needs it...]
  • Librarian K here to snag a flash drive for a project
  • [phone] Chronicles of N-A-R-N-I-A [he spells it out] movies [I find the first one on the shelf and reserve Prince Caspian for him]
  • Rose calls for two movies, which we don't own so I leave 'em for Librarian C to find for her

  • [phone] Opera? er, AUTHOR of Like the willow tree [, my ears totally don't work] and commiseration about Schools These Days
  • Please oh please nothing else from N-A-R-N-I-A dude!!! [whew, he leaves as soon as I get here]
  • There is a dude online who has been acting rather weird, according to previous staff out here; I'll keep my eye on him, but I think he's less "drunk or high" and more "generally wacko"
  • "Is there a waiting list?" [wow we are full, but no waiting list yet--he just didn't look far enough]
  • "OK, wow, so, I haven't ever been in you have movies?" [yep, you walked right past]
  • Weird dude comes to ask if his search history and so forth is deleted once he logs off [yep]; is that new, cuz I used to have to delete it all? [uh, no, not for like 12 years]; ok, he's leaving....but I have to call him back about his plastic bag of stuff in the floor where he was sitting
  • International fax, which doesn't work [something is not right with the phone number: country/city codes are probably fine]
  • Consumer Reports for washers/dryers
  • Weirdness on the computers, and I call for help
  • Scratch paper
  • More weirdness on the computers--and someone left his college app and backpack at an empty computer (now behind the desk)
  • And...we're officially full
  • Help with attaching a file to an email [thank God for leftover flashdrives]
  • Regular skater-ish-dude wants to know what time we close [9, and oh, don't bother looking, all the internets are full--nevermind, he'll do something else even though we have a way to use the next available....]
  • Extend time (for later) for the guy who likes to call the cops for us
  • [phone] Dead Poet's Society DVD [our copy is long gone and she's not sure she can wait for it to be brought over here on load for her]

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