Thursday, October 25, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: items in processing lists to work on later, and Man Booker Long- and Short-Listed titles (at least we have the winner!). And, this will be a surprise (not), subject headings.

9:00 covering for Librarian K
  • Two phone messages return which result in me pulling 4 books from various shelves and putting them on hold shelf
  • [phone] Werewolf calls looking for books on Shawnee and Navajo, which I find and put on hold shelf
  • Suddenly it's 9:40
  • [phone] Register to vote [can't do it here nearer than 4 weeks from election and he hangs up in a bit of a snit before I can give him the number for the county clerk]

10:00 covering for Librarian K
  • [phone] Apartment lease to copy, and she doesn't have a computer [our book has been lost/paid--just about 3 months after we bought it: #$&^(@
  • Help with printing x2 [and some discussion of me having been here a long time, since way back in the 90s...: yes, almost 16 years]
  • Great, having just finished my breakfast (10:20), I now have the hiccups
  • Mouse not working [hmm, weird, eventually I get it to]
  • Computer shut down [loose plug he must've kicked--I plug it in more firmly and re-up his time]
  • Day pass for internet
  • "Can I print from my laptop?" [...sigh, no, not yet (probably not for at least another year since our tech budget got balled up for this year)]
  • Help with read-only PDF [no, I can't make it let you fill it out; they've blocked it, and I don't think we can convert it without an account in Adobe...anyway, it's a series of checkboxes with literally one line that needs writing in, so I offer to do the writing if she'd prefer]
  • Pen. For the printed PDF.
  • DVDs on U.S. history, 50s and 60s [we don't have much... :( ]
  • I discover I've been tracking all the questions this morning in the afternoon slot of the tally sheet so I toss it and start over
  • City of God on DVD [on hold lists--no, he doesn't want to add his name]
  • One of our regulars walks in, gets himself all set up at an internet station, including emptying his pockets--cell phone, sunglasses, papers, etc.--and walks away with it all sitting there [so trusting...]
  • City of God guy comes back past me and makes a phone call in the middle of the quietest part of the library [srsly?]

12:00 in the children's room
  • New walker stumbles in, staggers all the way across the room to the play area, stops dead and then makes a good run back to Mom...SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE!!
  • Not one single question or interaction the whole hour....

  • Referral to the closest thing I can find at the high school to "shop" classes for a woman who wants to donate a bunch of woodworking (and other "man craft" magazines)....then I email the referrals so they can avoid answering their phones for awhile. ;-)
  • Renew time
  • Could Librarians J and C talk a little louder in their office? I can't quite make out the actual words to the full-volume laughter/conversation. Jeez.
  • Pay to print
  • Help finding a book she reserved 6 months ago that we ordered and hasn't arrived; I'm going to ILL it instead
  • "How much does it cost? I thought it was 10 cents?" [yeah, she did pick the color printer though; fortunately realized it before she started printing]
  • Weird interaction with bird-in-the-grill guy (from yesterday). He's one of our regulars and slightly bizarre but usually in a fun way
  • "Can the backpack kits be checked out?" [yup]
  • Pay to print (same printing person as before)
  • Pink-haired guy is back today....shudder
  • [phone] Ishmael (by Quinn) [we don't own and she has the kind of card that only allows access to our books]
  • Til Death Season 2 [we don't have ANY seasons...]
  • How much to print?  ...and then her card's expired (and she owes almost $11)
  • More time online (dude that loves calling 911 on our behalf)
  • Check out backpack here? [nope, and they have the keys for the little locks up front anyway]

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